Get rid of that oil!: DIY masks for good riddance from oily skin


Beauty always comes first right? Well, so here we have a few elements that you can add to your face masks just to get rid of oily and acne-prone skin. Have a look and prepare some DIY masks for yourself this summer.



Well, it’s time to fight your oily skin and your acne with some protein-based banana DIY face masks. Speaking of bananas, you can always squish these bananas and mix them well with other ingredients and Tadaaa!! There you have your perfect banana mask to fight that oily skin of yours. As for elements, you can just simply mix banana with yogurt, honey, or even lemon just to protect your skin from that oil. Most of all, the easiest way is to use that banana peel to rub off your face and see your acne vanish away.

Egg whites

Yea it sure seems like a bad idea and especially for all the vegetarians out there, but you gotta take the high road when it comes to the beauty right? Well, then speaking of egg whites, they have the potential to tighten your skin pores just so that it doesn’t absorb unnecessary oil. It is quite hydrating and moisturizing which in turn helps diminish your acne scars. You can mix egg whites with honey and lemon to make a perfect slimy mask to treat your facial issues.


No, ladies calm down it is not going to turn your face all yellow, in fact, it’s going to clear your face more than ever. Turmeric and its anti-bacterial properties help treat acne and keep impurities away. Speaking of making a perfect mask out of it, you can take some honey and either mix it with some honey or some yogurt or even both might work. Make a smooth paste out of these ingredients and treat your oily skin well.

P.S.- Make sure you’re using raw turmeric.

Rose Water


Well, this is probably one of the safest toners that you can use to treat your acne and get rid of oily skin. Rosewater can just directly be used for spraying on your face just before going to sleep or you can also it into some of your face masks. You can use lemon, gram flour, and lemon as a mask for oil treatment.

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