Getting Hitched?? Here Are 5 Tips To Get The “GLOW”


The wedding day is special for every bride and for that they do everything in their power to get “that” glow which will make them different from others. There are many tips and tricks available, especially when you have a grandmother with you who’ll bath you in her box of “nuskhas” months before the wedding. But don’t worry if you don’t have a grandma, we are here to your rescue. Following are some tips which will give you that ravishing glow on your D-day.


One of the neglected elements while preparing for the big day is meditation.
Due to the chaos and tensions that arise during the wedding preparation, brides-to-be started to get more conscious towards the smallest details which eventually make them anxious. For getting out of this trouble you need to meditate regularly in order to feel more confident. Meditation also helps you while you’re facing wedding jitters.

2. CTM

We all know the power and magic of CTM (Cleansing/Toning/Moisturizing). Following this regime daily will give you wonderful skin in no times. Wash your face first, and then use cleanser as it will open your pores. Then use toner it will tighten your pores. Lastly, use moisturizer it will lock the moisture and makes your skin soft and glow. Make sure to use sunscreen whenever you’ll go out.

3. Homemade Treatments

Talking about homemade treatments will take us straight to the kitchen. There are many home remedies for your rescue that will solve every skin problem that you might be facing. Using “ubtan” daily will exfoliate your skin and removes dead skin cells. Applying raw milk daily will help remove tanning. Besides that, turmeric and yoghurt are also beneficial for making the skin tone even.

4. Gym

Looking perfectly fit on D-day is a dream of every bride-to-be. Start going to gym at
least 3 months prior to the wedding for getting that dreamy figure you want. But sometimes it’s not about losing weight; it’s all about getting fit. Make sure to drink at least two litres of water daily.

5. Sleep

An essential part in every bride-to-be regime which usually everyone skips or don’t
follow properly at all. Sleeping eight hours at night can make you feel cheerful inside, reduces the problem of dark circles and makes your skin glow.

Follow these tips like faith no matter at what weather you’re getting married and in no time you’ll get the glow that you’ve been yearning for. You need to start your beauty regimen months before the wedding because you won’t get the desired glow in the last minutes. Lastly, don’t give up on any tips post the wedding as it will make your skin dry and uneven later on.

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