Getting Married? Check Out These Trending Bridal Entry Songs

Bridal Entry Ideas
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Trending Bridal Entry Songs

Walking down the aisle while people turn their heads to look at you, with your partner standing at the end of the mandap, gazing at you— is one of the most beautiful feelings that a bride dreams of experiencing. It is no wonder that the brides want to go all out for that special day from planning their bridal wear, to the perfect décor, to taking care of every little thing.

In fact, it’s just like in the movies- and every good movie needs that perfect entry song to set the mood. So don’t shy away from selecting the perfect bridal entry song to kick-start your wedding day.

Sau Aasmaan

This song by Armaan Malik is enough to deliver your sweet nothings to your partner. It is upbeat, romantic, and you cannot resist squeezing in a few dance moves to really nail the effect.

Din Shagna De

This song has been ruling our hearts since 2017, and truly delivers the meaning of this auspicious occasion. It is a soothing song that will surely stir in love and romance as you enter.

Chaap Tilak

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan never fails to impress us with his impeccable voice and add in Amir Khusrow’s lyrics- and you have yourself the perfect and serene bridal entry song. Chaap Tilak is nothing short of a blissful song that is bound to add the magic which every fairy tale wedding deserves.

Monta Re

This song just hits the right chords of our hearts. It is beautifully laid out with the perfect lyrics and calm music that can set the mood for the evening. The song itself means ‘the silly heart of mine’ which is how all of us feel when we’re in love. Monta re can be just the song you need for your bridal entry.

Monta Re
Monta Re

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Laila Mashup

This song has been trending on social media since the past few months, and we wouldn’t be surprised if brides start opting for this mashup as their entry song. The classic beats of ‘Dekha Ek Khwaab’ with the fast paced lyrics of ‘Laila’ has created a musical marvel that you should take advantage of by using this eccentric song for your bridal entry.


This Himachali Folk song paved its way into the industry and our playlists and is here to stay. This song is perfect for a bridal entry with parents. The singer Harshdeep Kaur has delivered the true meaning of this song through her voice.

Chamba Song
Chamba Song

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Ghar More Pardesiya

We’ve all been gaga over this song since the release of Kalank and the impeccable performance by Madhuri Dixit made us all want to dance to its beats. The song’s lyrics are perfect for your bridal entry. Also, you can choose this song for a stellar entry with quirky dance moves instead of just walking down the aisle.

Do You Wanna Partner

This real-life bride made us realise that the Govinda Song- ‘Do you wanna partner’ is ideal for a fun, eccentric bride who wants to rock the aisle and not just walk down. After all, it is your day and you deserve to own the stage and enjoy these moments.


Saiyaan Superstar

This song by Tulsi Kumar is enough to make your groom fall for you again. If you want to show your appreciation and how much you adore him- this upbeat song is definitely your ideal choice.


Jodha Akhbar was released over a decade ago but we still cannot get over the beauty of the movie and its songs. If you’re aiming for a regal bridal entry, look no further. A.R. Rahman’s musical creation- Jashn- E- Bahaara leaves us all speechless every time it plays.

Lastly, you’re not bound to use just one song for your entry. You can create mashups, start off big, and move to slow romantic melodies or the other way around- whichever suits you best.