After all the exhausting and tiring functions that was a huge part of your wedding, the most awaited thing is the honeymoon which brings with it a well-deserved quota of fun and relaxation. Honeymoons are essential for a couple as they get to spend some quality time alone while getting to know each other better. As summer is in full swing, you can either choose to go on a beach vacation to soak in all the sunshine or visit a place with chilly weather to beat the sweltering heat. This decision rests entirely upon your individual preferences. So, don’t forget to take along the essential items mentioned in our list for a perfect honeymoon.

For A Beach Honeymoon

1. A Sunscreen Lotion

A sunscreen lotion is a must-have for when you head to the beach. Apply a generous amount of it on your body 15 minutes prior to heading out as it protects the skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. For best results, buy a screen with a high SPF.

2. A Cool Hat


Hats look cool and classy and there are different varieties to choose from like fedoras, boaters hats, snapbacks, floppy hats and many more. Not only will a hat make your outfit look effortless and well put together, it will also your face from the sun as well.

3. A Pair Of Sunglasses

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A pair of sunglasses will amp up any outfit while protecting your eyes from the harsh sun simultaneously. There are fun frames to choose from like aviators, cat eyes, wayfarers or clubmasters.

4. Comfortable Flip-Flops


They are comfortable, colourful and perfect for the beach.  A waterproof one can help keep the water and sand away.

5. A Swimsuit That Complements Your Body

A beach honeymoon is incomplete without a swanky swimsuit where you can flaunt your toned body in a two-piece or a one piece. Don’t forget to carry a beach kimono as well.

6. A Cute Summer Dress


A flowy maxi-dress or a short cotton dress is a must for a breezy evening and they are great for those amazing beach pictures too.

7. Chunky Jewellery


Chunky earrings, necklaces, rings or anklets can make any outfit look 10 times better. A colourful statement neck piece can elevate any plain looking outfit.

For A Honeymoon In The Hills

1. A Long Coat

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A long coat or jacket looks super stylish and can warm you up instantly. They are versatile and can be worn with any sort of outfit.

2. Sturdy Boots

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Boots keep your feet warm and also saves you from tripping on the snowy surface. Long boots and ankle-length boots look great for both the indoors and the outdoors.

3. A Warm Muffler


Colourful and long mufflers can brighten up dark coloured winter clothes. You can never have enough of mufflers as they come in various shapes, lengths and patterns.

4. Couple’s Mittens

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These cute and cosy mittens allow the couple to hold hands without the restriction of another surface. These are incredible for long walks on a  cold, winter evenings and brings the couple closer to each other.

5. A Good Moisturiser


No one likes dry, dull skin especially on their honeymoon. So, keep your bridal glow intact by moisturising your skin at least two times a day as the icy winds dehydrate the skin.

6. A Big Tote Bag


Winter clothes by virtue of being winter clothes generally end up being large and bulky. They take up a lot of space in our bags. A big tote bag can help you carry winter wear with you at all times.

7. A Cute Cap

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A simple knitted woollen cap keeps your ears and head warm. The latest colourful pom-pom caps look super cute with any outfit.

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