Gift Ideas for Bhai Dooj festivity

Gifts for Bhai Dooj

Gone are the days when you can just pick any piece from your nearest gift store as gift for festivities. Gifting is so personalised and unique concept now, isn’t it? But aren’t we always so confused when buying gifts? Well, most of us certainly are. Perhaps this time you’re wondering again about what to buy for your sweet sister? And to help you ease all that confusion, we have enlisted some gifting ideas for you. While gifts can be very personal, these are just general ideas that might inspire you for something epic. Have a look at Wedding Affair’s list!

Harry Winston Summer Delights Rings

Gift for Bhai Dooj

The inspiration for the collection began with a series of archival sketches dating back to the 1950s and 60s. That featured brightly coloured cocktail rings in unexpected shades. Realizing the potential of these incredible renderings. Winston Designers embarked on a fantastical journey to create modern interpretations that examine the bold use of colour, dimensionality, proportions and varied stone-cutting techniques. Each design recalls the sophistication of a bygone era. And also magically transforms nature’s most delightful elements into bejewelled confections that demand attention. (Source: Harry Winston)

This is a gift that can become one of the most-talked-about. Because hey! Everyone awes Harry Winston for the jewellery pieces.

Luxurious Ceramics


Ellementry’s campaign #DistanceDoesn’tMatter offers customers enchanting and useful gift options for the upcoming festivities. The gift sets carry inspiration from the elements around us – hand-poured eco-friendly soy wax candles in handmade terracotta bowls; Shath-Deep, a six-sided Diya set handcrafted by Nemi Prajapat, a well-known local terracotta artisan; and of course, the breakfast sets, trinket boxes, teacups and coffee mugs all in ceramic, artistically hand-painted by artisans, and many more. Every gift item inherits the brand qualities of Ellementry such as handmade, cultural revival, fusion, food-safe, sustainability, form and function. These are gifts that will be fondly treasured, rather than passed on to others. Or probably you never want to part with them and just keep them for yourself. 

Jewellery with a Story

Gift for Bhai Dooj

Zoya’s intricate craftsmanship is about enchanted stories and a fine eye. Hence, it is more like a souvenir of both the presenter’s love and the brand’s journey to the one receiving it. Even when the world remains engulfed in pandemic anxiety, what is encouraging for Zoya is the fact that its clients are having conversations on jewellery. And mostly because it has major association with personal milestones, and milestone celebration is not going anywhere. You will have your wedding anniversary, your birthdays or some joyous celebrations like graduation parties, your parents anniversary or Bhai Dooj. It is just the perfect gift.

Gucci 1955 Horsebit Bag


This Gucci 1955 Horsebit black leather top handle bag carries definition of the phrase “Gucci Orgasmique” — a distinctive motto for Spring Summer 2020, evoking a wider sense of excitement and enthusiasm, as the brand boasts. An optional leather strap over the silhouette featuring a domed shape defines the iconic design of the bag. Hence, this serves as a beautiful token of gift. The bag is designed inspired the line from over six decades ago with a modern spirit, highlighting the Horsebit.

Guerlain Jicky Extract

Image by Guerlain

The brand Guerlain celebrates Jicky’s 130th anniversary and pays tribute to its African legend. The brand invited the Senegalese artist Baye Gallo to reinvent the iconic ‘Quadrilobé’ bottle. Painted entirely by hand, the bottle takes on vibrant colours and unique textures, faithful to the tradition of free and profuse African art. Anything limited-edition is a beautiful gift. An exceptional piece is available in an ultra-limited numbered edition, containing a litre of Jicky Extract — 16 pieces available worldwide.

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