Gifting ideas for your parents’ Silver jubilee 


Your parents are always up for surprising you with a perfect and glorious gift, but what about you? Have you ever given a thought about what to gift your parents old their 25th anniversary? If not then we got you all backed up, have a look at a few gifting ideas for your parents’ silver jubilee.

Customized wedding plates

Are your parents about to enter into a silver jubilee this year? Well, we can assume that you must be confused about what to gift them, then the first idea is probably to give them a customized silver plate. You can get the names of your parents engraved on a silver plate along with the date of their anniversary. This way you’ll be able to give your parents a lifetime of nostalgia and make them realize the essence of their bond that competed 25 glorious years.

Signature frames

Well, another brilliant idea in the book of gifting ideas for your parents’ 25th anniversary is to give them a signature. This might not be an expensive gift like all the others, but this sure is a sentimental one. You can frame your parents’ image right in the center of the frame and get it signed by all your loved ones. This way you’ll gift a meaningful surprise to your parents, which sure is a lifetime remembrance for them.

Couple watches


Well, this sure is going to be a memorable yet classy gift for your parents’ 25th anniversary. It’s time to save up big because c’mon it is your parents’ day and you should probably choose a timeless collection of couple watches to give to your mother as well as your father. Make sure to gift them an all-rounder watch, that gives them a western as well as an Indian touch to your accessory game.

Fine wine


Well, this one’s going to be a gold idea, especially for your dad. A perfectly presented bottle of fine wine would be the best possible gift for your parents, because c’mon, what is better than a wine that says celebration.

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