Gifting options to accompany with your wedding card


Looking for some different gifting option to accompany with your marriage card? We have got you covered with these amazing ideas that will make sure your wedding invitation stands out!

Custom wall painted plates 

Custom Painted Wall Plates are professionally designed as per your choice. Hand Painted Wall Plates is great choice for anniversary gift or as gifts to be given along with your wedding invite and makes a great decorative piece to go with your guests walls.These lovely art plates are sure to make great additions to any home

Chocolates and tarts 

For the chocolate lovers, it is always a chocolate tart that does the trick than any other gift that might be more expensive or fancy. Sending out chocolate tarts with cotton paper invites like these totally stole our hearts and will do so for your guests too.

Jams and spreads 

With changing times there has been a shift in mindset too. So with guests now preferring handmade gifts over the usual mithai and dry fruits, the idea of sending homemade jams, spreads and sauces in festive jars are gifts that are sure to please your wedding guest in a great way. 

Gourmet Popcorn Jar

Another out of the box gift idea is that of six different flavours of gourmet popcorn along with a quirky wedding invite that every friend and family member is sure to relish.

Plant pot 

Choosing a gift that will stand the test of time is always a challenge, but giving plants is one way to try.The jade plant is a large succulent that makes a perfect gift for someone who’s mastered parenting smaller succulents and cacti. Besides occasional watering and a bright window, don’t a plant that’s easy to maintain.

Mixed nuts 

Instead of regular cashews and almonds, you can do a mix of these along with berries, walnuts, and dried apricots. They work well because of their longer shelf life and are great especially for outstation invitations.