Give A Twist To Your Wedding Invitations


The current generation is all about opting for off-beat things, things that match their vibe. The trend is setting in the wedding industry as well. The millennials want everything that personalised, right from the decor to the wedding outfits, all things are customised that give a more personal touch to the festivities. Couples are now ditching the traditional wedding invitations and looking for something that describes their personality and their relationship with their partner.

Wedding Invitations designer, Ruchita Bansal of Izhaar believes that invites, means an expression of joy, It depicts the personality of a giver, it should be warmly valued by the receiver so that it becomes a part of their living. Creativity, in her opinion, generation of new ideas and making people happy. 

Wedding Affair brings you ideas for your wedding invitations that are unconventional yet lovely. 

1. Pop-Up Invitations

Pop-up invitations look extremely adorable and cute. You can experiment with the invitations with caricatures of the couple, the wedding ceremonies or the holy symbol of Ganesha and om. Give your wedding invitations the twist that you want. 

2. For The Travel Buddies

For the couple who loves travelling, these wedding invites are a perfect option. What better than making you and your partner’s passion for travelling a major part of your big day.

3. 3D Invitations

Go over the top with 3D invitations for your wedding. Customize the card according to your preference. An extravagant mandap setting or just a small ‘tie the knot’, it’s all about what you want. 

4. Shrinath Ji Invitations

Seeking the blessings of God as the couple is on the path of starting their new lives is a perfect idea. Opt for these Shrinathji Invitations for your wedding invitations.

5. Simplicity At Its Best

If you are a couple that wants to give the ‘save the date’ in the simplest of manner, then these wedding invites are an ideal choice. Just a single leaf that gives out all the necessary information looks lovely. Not only does it saves money but simplicity goes a long way.  

6. Monopoly Invitation

Do you and your partner love the game of monopoly? Then opt for this quirky monopoly wedding card. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it definitely is yours. 


7. Ring The Finger 

Unleash your inner creativity and think something totally offbeat just like this wedding invitation where just as you open the card, the ring slides on to the girl’s finger. 

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8. Puzzle Invitations

Let the guests do a little work as they try to put the pieces together and unveil the wedding date. 

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9. It’s All About Flowers

Wedding invitations which have a hint of flora looks breezy and cool. Such invites have a relaxed vibe to them. 


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