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Which better direction to look than at our favourite celebrities, for the best fashion inspiration? The celebrities that we enlist today are your best pick for the greatest fashion styling. Wedding Affair sifted through the style of some of the most stylish celebrities and curated a list for you. Looking to transform your look to that of A-lister’s? Look no further. Take inspiration from these celebrities.


Zendaya has a reputation for her daring and dauntless looks, her sense of poise reflected in her wardrobe. It’s difficult to find a look she can’t pull off — whether it’s urban cool or red-carpet polished, this star can work any style she chooses. So whether you need inspiration for prom, your cousin’s wedding, or your next date night, you can bet that somewhere in the archives, there’s a perfect Zendaya look to replicate. She’s known for taking risks on the red carpet and stepping outside of the usual fashion box. Then, when it comes to her off days, she is just like us, seen in sweats and sneakers (REALLY cool sneakers).

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian West’s style has come a long way since emerging on the scene alongside Paris Hilton back in 2006. From the early Keeping Up With The Kardashian days to coordinating looks with husband Kanye West, we’re taking a look back at her style transformation over the past decade (Harper’s Bazaar). Kim Kardashian is far from a timid dresser, with the star wearing daring, sexy outfits on the reg. The latest ensemble appears on Kim’s Instagram feed while on a country ranch with husband Kanye West wearing a similarly shiny get-up.

Harry Styles

Harry’s flamboyant evolution finds praises from fans for his ability to blur gender boundaries, but it’s also worth taking note of the ease with which he has pushed the envelope. Few high-profile stars rival him in his taste for adventurous fashion. His fashion icon status was cemented in 2018. Then Gucci announced that he would become the face of its tailoring campaign (there have since been three for the house) and a co-host role at the Met Gala soon followed. Never one to stick to a traditional shirt and pants, the singer has come to be known for his affinity of skinny jeans, Hawaiian shirts, and sparkly boots, preferably by Gucci and Saint Laurent. fashion

Blake Lively

If there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about high-fashion, it’s Blake Lively. A lover of structured silhouettes, bold patterns and statement jewellery, the A Simple Favour actress knows how to hit the right sartorial notes every single time — and all without the help of a stylist. Whether it be her ultra-glamorous red carpet looks, über trendy street-style or enviable maternity ensembles. There’s no denying that Lively has cemented her status as the ultimate fashion connoisseur (Marie Claire). Plus, the actress doesn’t like hiring stylists, hence, she is the most appreciated fashionista of the industry.

Timothee Chalamet

British GQ

Embracing a wardrobe of technical tailoring, bright block colours and big black stomper boots, Timothee Chalamet’s fierce approach to fashion has redefined formal dressing for the modern age. As Jo Ellison, editor of Financial Times How To Spend It, put it, “Chalamet doesn’t flinch from wearing tricky fashion choices. He has the gift of sartorial insouciance. And he is never overwhelmed by his clothes”. With that in mind, we thought it was high time we pulled together his most iconic red-carpet moments. If you’re looking for a spot of style inspiration, there’s really no better point of call. (GQ)

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