Grace and Glamour Rebooted – Daisy Shah



From an Assistant Choreographer to the protagonist of the movie, Daisy Shah has travelled on a long road of success. The hottest star who had men drooling as she flaunted her curves in the sizzling scenes of Hate Story 3, speaks to Wedding Affair about embracing the hidden Goddess within her.

The Journey from being an Assistant Choreographer to an Actor

I would not call the journey ‘great’ but I have had too many learning outcomes from the experiences so far. I always wanted to be an Air Hostess, the world of films was never on my aspirations list. But destiny had it planned out differently for me and when the opportunity knocked on my doorstep, I embraced it. So here I am today.

The Experience of facing the camera for the first time

It was not really daunting to me. Being an Assistant Choreographer, I was working very much in front of the camera all the time. After all, my job was to show the artist how it is supposed to be done. With no camera fear to deal with, and the support of great co-actors like Salman Khan and Tabu, my work was easy. We did rehearsals before we did the final shot and by the time the spotlight was on me, I was prepared for it.

Your most cherished Compliment

People have appreciated the efforts I put in to attain the curves for Hate Story 3. The recognition of the stringent routine one has to go through to achieve that kind of weight loss feels amazing. They compliment my transformation with words like from the Girl next door to to a Hot Goddess. Feels Good!

Your Fitness Regime for the perfect curves

They rightly say abs is made in the kitchen. It’s not just the workout but the stringent diet one has to follow for a really hot body. I am what I eat. I was completely off carbs for my look in Hate Story 3 and stayed entirely dependent on protein, fiber and a lot of oats.

The most memorable moment in the industry

Every moment from the day I started shooting for Jai Ho. If not for that movie, I would not be interviewed by you right now. I have had many happy moments at the shoot, specifically while shooting for a song, we had to block the wind and it was a breezy day. Our choreographer very innocently commented, “Koi hawa ko roko” and we all bursted out laughing, how is it humanely possible to stop the breeze?

A Godfather or Inspiration in the industry

No one. I do not really belong from the kindred of stars. Whatever I am today is enrooted in my hard work and involvement in the industry. I do not have a Godfather or Sugar Daddy to look up to. However, my acting inspirations include Kajol, Sridevi and Madhuri ji.

The most attractive traits in a Man

A good sense of humour and intelligence. I really prefer brains and smartness over good looks. I do not mean a very sloppy looking man can win my heart, he must be presentable.


The experience of playing ‘Kaya Sharma’ in Hate Story 3

Kaya Sharma, the character is a lot like the real me. She is big about her emotions and too loyal to her colleagues and it was quite easy to connect with her character because we share the same traits. I am really glad that people came up to me complaining, ‘why did they kill you? It was unnecessary’. It’s good to know I was missed in the later half.

The Wedding of your Dreams

We are always cladded with the best make up and are blessed with the opportunity of wearing couture from our favorite designers all the time. Eventually you lose the whole excitement of all the amazing things you want to do for your wedding. Everything a bride wants, even an exotic location, are experiences offered to us during our shoots. It’s a bummer that everything in my ‘wow list’ gets covered in the reel life. Nothing extravagant left to discover for the real life. I no longer mind if it’s a court marriage, as long as the man I am tying the knot with, is really special. The ‘right man’ is the dream.

Looking forward to work with…

I have worked a lot with Aki (Akshay Kumar) as an Assistant Choreographer. I look forward to working with him as an actor and relive the rapport. Honestly, he is a great person to work with.

Definition of Fashion

Be comfortable in what you wear. Society is there to judge every move you make, but you cannot let their interpretations of you blend in your reality. Dress the way you like to, and let your clothing reflect who you are. Scratch out all the ‘Girl must be thin or curvy or fat parameters’ and let yourself be the way you want to be.

A character I wish I played

The little girl ‘Munna’ from King Uncle. But after growing up and understanding the depths of life, I really wanted to play the lead female actor opposite Salman in Maine Pyaar Kiya. That was a wonderful script.

A message to the readers

The best part about the road I have taken is the realization that there are some things in life you just have to go ahead with without expectations. Do your bit, destiny holds great plans for everyone we just have to believe in it.