Grave mistakes not to commit while washing your hair


We’ve all grown up washing our hair in a certain way on particular days, depending on our hair type. Once we grow up, making a change to the routine might seem tough, but it’s about time we realise what is actually damaging rather than doing good to our locks. Here are a few things you didn’t know you were doing wrong, that did more harm than good to your hair.

Using hot water

The heat from boiling hot and very hot water tends to strip off the natural oils from your hair and even leaves the cuticles open. While hot water may sound tempting and you might be used to it, washing your hair with cold or room temperature water is the safest bet as it closes the cuticles and ensures the moisture remains intact in your scalp. A cold rinse can also help in reducing the frizz.


Detangling dry hair

We often wait for our hair to dry before getting rid of the tangles as we’ve believed that combing through wet hair causes breakage. Truthfully, the best time to detangle your hair is when there is a conditioner in it. Using a wide-tooth comb, remove the knots slowly without tugging at them too hard.


Applying conditioner on your scalp and leaving conditioner on for too long

While we have already heard about not applying conditioner on the scalp, we tend to still practice it. This causes a scalp build-up and clogs the pores on the head. Apart from that, conditioners shouldn’t be left on the locks for more than two minutes as they tend to work almost instantly. There is no proof that leaving the conditioner on for longer will help it penetrate further and do the trick.

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