Groom’s Edition: Styling a Sherwani

Indian Wedding Saree

The most exciting part about weddings is preparing oneself physically, mentally and fashionably for the big day. Choosing the perfect attire seems to be an extremely tedious task as it involves a lot of thought processes before finalising the one. To cherish the commencement day of your lifetime affair, you want everything to be flawless, be it your attire or wedding décor or the food and rituals. 

We have an exclusive range of Sherwani styles sorted in our Groom-to-be’s edition. 

  1. Jodhpuri Sherwani:
Indian Cloth Store

Ready to rule the night with your amazing attire? Go for this beautifully crafted Jodhpuri Sherwani with unique bottoms. The embroideries on sherwani are exclusive and specially designed to suit the arrangements made at big-fat Indian weddings. 

2. Printed Anarkali Sherwani: 


Seeking traditional as well as regal attire for your big day? Printed Anarkali Sherwani could be the best possible choice for the groom who is planning to have a Royal wedding in some luxurious palace of Jaipur. Prints add a special glow by proving you with a resplendent look that blesses a new aura to your personality. With its recent popularity amongst prospective buyers, it has become the most-loved attire to those grooms to be who love to try something new rather than following the same age-old tradition.

3. Angarkha Style Sherwani: 

Panash India

Add some quirky look to your appearance with this exceptional Angarkha styled sherwani! Wearing this, you’ll have the confidence and positivity to meet your bride being your best and win over the hearts of your lovely guests. 

4. Jacket Style Sherwani: 


Stitched with elegance, this jacket styled sherwani will prove to be a great option for the groom on the most awaited day in his life.

If you’re about to get married this season, then go for the most appealing attire from these oh-so-perfect Sherwanis and leave a lasting impression on everyone.