Guidelines for wedding guests during pandemic

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The pandemic has got us into questioning everything, right? At first glance, we believe that it is the most difficult for the couple hosting a wedding ceremony during this time. But, although not to compare, a wedding guest’s dilemma is also the one that musn’t go ignored. It’s easy to say that attendees will wear masks and socially distance, but that goes one of two ways. People adhere to the rules and the experience is awkward and sad, or they don’t and risk spreading the virus. The Atlantic explains this. When you bring together a lot of friends and family, the natural instinct to embrace and act as you did in the old days will be difficult to overcome. Wedding Affair understands this. And hence we bring you some essential guidelines for the guests at the time of the pandemic.

Reach out for a full understanding of the safety protocols

Many couples are providing descriptions of the ceremony’s logistics on the wedding invitations, or through updated communication and websites. If this information isn’t readily available, there’s no shame in inquiring further, as long as the query is done with respect and politeness.

HuffPost India

“You definitely are going to want to do this via phone call. You don’t want to send a text,” says Jacquelyn Youst, etiquette expert and owner of the Pennsylvania Academy of Protocol. “Explain your situation. It’s all in the words—and mostly, your tone.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Follow all the protocols

Ceremonies can be as large as anyone wants, though only a small number of people should be physically present. If people do gather, maintain that you would rather stay away from the crowds. Minimise all the traditional merry-making and fits of laughter for the safety of everyone present. The same goes for speeches or toasts at the reception. This is a moment to totally reimagine the traditional reception and wedding altogether. Join in via zoom calls if that is the option.

Sanitise your hands before eating. Possibly, wear a matching mask to your outfit to minimise all the risks. Encourage other people to do the same around you, as well. 

Virtual Gifting Options


In case you decide on skipping a wedding ceremony, you might want to send virtual gifts to them. Even if you decline to attend, experts recommend sending a gift; the amount of money spent can vary in proportion to your finances and relationship with the couple.  “Your gift represents your good wishes toward the newlyweds,” experts tell Bloomberg. “You still want to be part of the celebration. Also, you still want to send your good wishes. You want to cheer them on.” Many couples are now offering virtual gift options, too, including honeymoon funds, to minimize the need for physical objects to change hands.

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