#GushingOverGraffiti- when fashion meets art!


Fashion has several routes that we are yet to explore and one of those routes is definitely graffiti art. We know that graffiti wasn’t really acceptable back then, but now it sure is a huge and dynamic part of the world of fashion. Speaking of graffiti and fashion let us introduce you to a few graffiti styles that you were probably unaware of.

Graffiti footwear


While we speak of some of the greatest and the most artistic instances of fashion, well then graffiti and fashion sure work hand in hand. Speaking of a  few graffiti-inspired styles then the first one we observed would be graffiti footwear. You all must’ve seen several sneakers, boots, and even heels with rainbow kinda graffiti on them, and that my friend is the new age fashion that you really need to add into your show racks. From graffiti floral heels to artistically smart kicks, graffiti gives us ultimate fashion goals, are we right or are we right?!

Graffiti jackets

Well, since we’ve kick-started this lineup of graffiti and fashion then how can we miss out on the sexiest element- the graffiti jackets. From denim to leather, graffiti acts like an additional spunky element to carry with your different ensembles. There are artists who tend to add to the extra charms and the extra sass on various branded jackets. Some are totally drowned in the magic of this colorful art and in some cases, the graffiti art is either just on the front or on the back. From Burberry to Balenciaga, all of these brands are promoting the advent of graffiti wearables.

Graffiti handbags


Graffiti art is not just confined to and wearables and other fashion essentials, in fact, it manages to find its space in the field of accessories too. Handbags sure are all about class and high-end brands, but what if we mix up the element of classy graffiti into these high-end carryall bags? Well, before you answer that let us tell you that from Louis Vuitton, Moschino, Hèrmes, Michael Kors, Balenciaga to Coach, all of these brands offer a magical and classic range of graffiti signature bags. So, yea that’s the extent of graffiti art and it sure is here to stay.

Graffiti dungarees

Well, another splendid find in the lineup for graffiti and fashion is dungarees. There are several artists who tend to customize your dungarees or else you can find yourself a designer to look cool and attractive at your next get-together.

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