Hair care you need to know 6 months before your big day


The hair unmistakably is the crowning glory of any bride, after all a perfect hairstyle is what will bring your whole wedding look together.In addition to your wedding checklist, you have another set of hair related to-dos to deal with before your big day! After all, your beauty regime needs to start way in advance. As your collecting and bookmarking hairstyles to try on with your wedding dress, styling your hair might easily become a nightmare if your hair is not prepared for it. 

Here’s a pre-wedding hair care guide prepared just for you so you can be prepared in advance 


Get rid of those split ends 

It’s time to trim your we are not asking you to take lengths off your hair but we can’t stress enough on how important it is take away those split ends and make your hair look healthy and perfect in shape and this is not just for your wedding day but it’s always advisable to get your hair trimmed every 6 months to improve hair growth. 


Regular hair spa treatments

Even those who have never been to a beauty salon should know that to have the perfect hair for your wedding the easiest route to take is by just treating it. Regular hair spas are a must; to maintain shiny, healthy and gorgeous hair. For every bride-to-be, regular hair spa should be taken at least twice a month, 2-3 months before the wedding. Different hairstyles need different care so if your hair is unstable or in a very bad condition then more sittings are advisable.


Using the right products 

Washing your hair regularly is a mandate to maintain healthy hair.The right, shampoo, masque and serum can do wonders for your tresses. And to all the brides, achieving your desired hair, you must start taking care of those locks much ahead of time. Talk to experts if needed and get into a regime that works for your hair and start from there. Experiment way ahead of schedule and do not include anything new or try anything different a few days before the wedding.


Hot oil testament

The tried and tested hot oil treatment does wonders on your scalp and hair health, improving the texture of your hair.This treatment is perfect for those who have dandruff, rough and frizzy hair and feel that their hair is not in a good shape. Generally, people go to the spa for this but you can do this at home as well.Your hair type reacts to a certain oil then it could be an issue.You can reduce the reactions by buying oils that have not been combined with synthetic ingredients, and are 100 percent natural.


Follow a good diet

Hair nourishment is also related to what you eat. Adding loads of fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet can be helpful in providing nourishment to your hair. Food items like nuts and almonds, cashews, dates and raisins, eggs, fish and amla juice are known to add healthy shine and growth to hair. Drinking loads of water and fresh juices help in adding moisture to your hair.