Haircare For The Winter Bride

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Which bride doesn’t want long, luscious locks for her wedding? The beautiful hairstyle with all the hair accessories and flowers that you’ve been eyeing all this while on Instagram will look the best on healthy hair. But winters can be a really tough time for maintaining your hair. The dry weather will surely make your scalp itchy and lack of moisture will make it look dull and lifeless. 

But don’t worry, Wedding Affair brings simple, hair care tips that the winter bride can follow at home for those shiny, beautiful hair. 

1. Oil Massages

Nothing beats our Grandma’s special hot oil massage when it comes to hair care. Winters can be harsh for the hair and a good oiling regime can solve most of the winter hair woes. Not only will it prevent hair fall but will also keep the moisture level of the scalp intact. 


2. Frizz Control

Winters=Frizzy hair. All those coats, scarves, sweaters and woollen clothes can make it almost impossible to control that frizz. There are a variety of products in the market that can be used to tame that frizz like hair serums, mousse and leave-in moisturisers can work best according to your hair type. Avoid warm water to wash as it increases frizz. 

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3. Hair Mask

Sometimes just a single product is not sufficient and something extra is needed. Hair mask once a week helps to keep the hair hydrated for longer periods of time and provided that extra nourishment. It seals the moisture and makes the hair healthy. 


4. Let Them Dry Naturally

It is really important to let your hair dry naturally. Do not rush out of the house immediately after a hair wash. Let them dry before moving out as the air outside is not really the best this time. 

CJ Warren Salon

5. Balanced Diet With Maximum Hydration 

A balanced diet is bound to make your hair healthy. Not just hair, but your overall skin will benefit from having a healthy lifestyle. The moisture level from the body tends to dry out in winters and staying hydrated is as important as a balanced diet. 

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