Haircare Guide for Winter Bride!

Haircare Guide For Winter Bride
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Haircare Guide for Winter Bride:

Every bride wants to flaunt long, thick, luscious hair on their wedding day. Following Paro from Devdas as our inspiration, most of us try to opt for hair extensions for our big day. Even if you have the option of using hair extensions, a little bit of haircare didn’t hurt anyone!

Also, while using hair extensions might be a quicker solution, if you have a few months before your big day, stay with us till the end to know more about haircare.

At wedding affair, we’ve carefully chosen a few methods that can help you transform your hair. 

Choose the Right Oil for your Hair Type

Choose the right oil for your hair type
Choose the right oil for your hair type

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Oiling is a sure-shot solution to a lot of hair problems. When you massage oil on your scalp, it helps stimulate your blood circulation- enhancing your hair growth. Now you can choose between olive oil- which is useful for conditioning and strengthening your hair or Castor oil- which adds a shine, or rosemary- that has known to work wonders for hair growth and is a trusted formula for haircare.

You can always take a mix-and-match approach, wherein you use a combination of all three oils.

Pro tip? Heat olive oil for a few minutes for better results. 

Lots of Protein in your Diet

Lots of protein in your diet
Lots of protein in your diet

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Your hair is 80-85 per cent made up of protein. Even though it is keratin, eating protein-rich food items such as eggs, chicken, or soya has shown an increase in hair growth over a period of time. The recommended intake of protein is a hundred grams, throughout the day.  

Also, eating a lot of protein, in general, is great for your overall health, so you can continue as part of your diet even after your wedding day. 

Check the Ingredients of your Shampoo

Check Ingredients of your Shampoo
Check Ingredients of your Shampoo

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Many shampoos contain harmful ingredients such as sulfate, alcohol, parabens, and silicones, which even though were meant to cleanse your scalp, end up irritating it even further. That’s why it is essential that you check the ingredients before buying your shampoo. 

Satin or Silk Pillowcases

Satin or Silk pillow cases
Satin or Silk pillow cases

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Synthetic pillowcases are an enemy to your hair growth-causing friction and breakage. Silk or satin pillowcases, help your hair to just glide over and maintain the shine from your wash day till the end. Also, if you want voluminous long hair for your wedding day, you should consider switching to satin hair ties, as they are softer on your hair.  

Avoid Tight Hairdo

Avoid tight hairstyle
Avoid tight hairstyle

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As much as we all love a high sleek ponytail or tight hair bun, it is not ideal to keep your hair in such strenuous conditions for so long. It causes bald spots, and frizz in the front. So, just until your wedding tries to go for loose hairstyles. Also, braid your hair loosely at night to keep them intact. 

Deep Conditioning

Deep Conditioning Haircare
Deep Conditioning

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Deep conditioning can be done in many forms. You can either go for store-bought hair masks or prepare one at home. If you’re going for the latter- try to research which ingredients will suit your hair type and in what quantity. DIY masks can be a bit tricky, so do your research before applying anything to your hair before your wedding day. 

Use Heat Protectant Spray

Use Heat Protectant Spray Haircare
Use Heat Protectant Spray

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You might need to style your hair before your wedding for various events. As using heat and styling equipment is unavoidable, you can use a heat protectant spray to prevent damage to your hair that can otherwise cause dullness, breakage and frizz. 

Use Wide Toothed Brush

Wide Tooth Comb Haircare
Wide Tooth Comb

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This is one of the most important things. Even when you’re combing regularly and following all the steps above, you can still lose hair. If you want to try to minimize that, go for a step-by-step combing process, starting with a wide-toothed comb. It helps to spread your hair oil evenly, massage the scalp and improve blood circulation. Since it has softer bristles, it doesn’t pull your hair or cause unnecessary hair loss. 

Lastly, go for a hair spa, pamper yourself and try not to stop with haircare even after your wedding day. 

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