Hairstyles for your D-day


While you are in the middle of your journey towards getting perfectly ready for the biggest day of your life, we have tried to minimise your trouble to choose the best hairstyle. Whether you desire to wear a flamboyant saree, sparking lehenga or a dreamy gown, we have sorted diverse hairstyles for you. From a pinned-up sober bun to a messy hairdo, the most desired bridal hairstyles for pre and post-wedding ceremonies are:

Bun under the Roses


Do you love the scent of floral extravagance? If you are a huge fan of organising your hair in a bun with beautiful flowers, then this one is for you! Have your bun all covered up with fresh white and red roses and let their elegance do the talking.

Flowery hairdo


Have you got tired of repeating the neat buns hairstyle? Then we have an escape for you to venture into a fantastic concept of having your hair layered into the shape of flowers. This hairdo requires numerous twists and swirls that form a flowery pattern on the outlining of the bun. 

Braided pattern


If you are craving a mixture of a classic yet chic look, then having a braided hairstyle is the prettiest option for you!

South Indian Traditional braid


South Indian braid is an evergreen classic braid hairstyle neatly embellished with vibrant flowers and jewels. Gajras have always been a bride’s top priority and are widely used to wrap around a braid or a bun. 

Half-up Wavy hair 


The half-up wavy hairstyle is a hassle-free style to gain a glamourous look with minimal hair adornments. Apart from keeping hair off your face, this hairstyle aims to complement the pastel bridal look. 

Fancy open hairstyle 


Fancy open hairstyle has its undying charm! It is not only a spectacular hairstyle for a contemporary bride but it also casts glimpses of traditional beauty by completing its look with head-jewellery. 

Perfect your big day with any of these exceptional hairstyles! You can always first try these looks to understand which style suits the best on your face and gain the satisfaction of leaving no stones unturned in dressing up the best!

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