Hand And Foot Care Regime For The Winter Couple

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Winters are fast approaching and we are already worried about chapped lips, dry hands and cracked heels. With marriage season also arriving, it will be extra work for the couple to maintain healthy, glowing skin. Apart from the face, other areas which require special attention are the hands and feet. They are often neglected in a time that they require the most attention. 

Wedding Affair brings the winter couple ways to maintain good hand and foot care regime this wedding season.

1. Make Moisturisers Your Best Friend

Winters often cause a lot of dryness and leave our hands and feet dry, begging for hydration. Moisturisers work the best in such cases and especially work wonders at night. Remember to moisturise your hands and feet every morning after a shower and at night before dozing off. Put a thin layer of lotion before putting on socks during day time for better results.


2. Scrub It Off

All the dead skin needs to be scrubbed off which makes your hands look dry and your heels cracked. Use an exfoliator once every week to get rid of that dry skin and make it all healthy and glowy. 


3. Mani-Pedi Is The Way To Go 

The classic mani-pedi is a must. Make it a routine to book an appointment once every two weeks for a manicure and once every month for a pedicure. A good hand and foot regime are essential for every couple. Obviously, you don’t want your hands and feet to look all dry while applying mehendi for your D-day or when you put a ring on each other’s finger. 


4. Blow The Steam

Giving a steam massage to your hands and feet will definitely make them much softer than you can think. Wet a towel, microwave it for 30 seconds and wrap it around your hands and feet alternatively, massage for 30-40 seconds while the cloth is still wrapped. It will make easier to exfoliate the dead skin and make the skin soft. Top it with a layer of lotion and you’re good to go.



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