Handy Gifts for the Brides-to-be in their vanity kit


                Handy Gifts for the Brides-to-be in their vanity kit

Here comes the season of weddings, and it brings with it a bucket full of questions revolving, What to buy for the bride-to-be? While, gifting options are many, bone china table wares and makeup sets have now sped to the list of ‘mainstream’. So how do you splurge on a product that is not only splurge worthy, but also proves to be extremely useful for the brides?

It’s easy. Take notes from Mr Umang Srivastava, JMD, of Bonita India, the website that excels in selling all kind of household solutions at one platform.

He suggests, “junk tradition and go for convenience! This is the new mantra the young generation is adopting when it comes to wedding gifts. There will be plenty of jewellery to last for a lifetime, enough make-up kits and hair styling tools, a lot of decorative items and showpieces, kitchenware,  even a series of dresses to overwhelm her cupboard. However, as she settles in her new life, the new bride also needs some essential daily tools that will help her arrange her new home, and ensure her accessories are kept in order in the new setting.

A lot of young people today are ditching traditional gifting items and opting for more convenient and helpful gifts such as home utility products that make arranging a new home easy and fun.”

Adding further to his gifting ideas, he enlists down for our readers, the most innovative and useful gifting options:

Wall Mounted Laundry Dryer

clothes-dryer-clay-hi_001P.C: ellaskitchencompany.com

Saves them from facing shortage of drying spaces for clothes in urban homes, and for adding oodles of ‘ugly’ to the overall presentation of the balcony they got designed from the top interior decorators of the city. Yes! they are going to thank your spirits when your wall mounted laundry dryer saves enough space in their balcony to sit and sip a hot cup of tea.

These innovative and space saving solutions stands installed on walls. When not in use, they can be folded aligning the wall. This is certainly a good gifting item for a new bride and groom who are setting up a new home. They can also be easily installed in the bathroom to dry  inner wear and towels in the privacy. Totally worth the splurge, ain’t it?

Travel Organizer

Bonita Travel Oranizer

Here’s how the bride finds an easy way out to plan her travel bags, while she is going through the hassles of her D-Day. A Travel organizer helps her arrange her essential travel items systematically from passport to mobile phone chargers, essential make-up items and more. With dedicated spaces for select items, it helps the bride remember the appropriate place for her mobile phone, camera, chargers, combs, napkins and other essentials. When you wrap this gift up in glittery papers to present it on her D-day, if you will be shooting two brides with one arrow – There goes a perfect gift for the D-day, and a token with best wishes for her special honeymoon diaries.

Flexible Fabric Wardrobe

P.C: FurnitureinFashion

While we all have in-built wardrobes and cupboards in our houses, the storage spaces are often not enough to store our ever increasing belongings. A flexible fabric wardrobe is a useful alternative space for storage which is convenient, easy to install as well as flexible to use. Since it is made of fabric wrapped around a steel frame, it is lightweight, can be dismantled quickly when needed and yet it provides a very safe and delightful storage space. With so many gifts and an updated shopper’s wardrobe pouring in after her D-day, the bride is definitely going to appreciate your token.

Aesthetically Designed Shoe Racks

Bonita Shoe Racks

When it comes to a newly- wed bride, her collection will most definitely be overwhelming in numbers. While shoe racks are available in plenty, you can look for a good quality, colorful and aesthetically appealing shoe rack that can act for a neat shoe storage space. Add a trendy shoe rack to help her store her trendy shoe collection on the radar of your ‘gifting’ options.

Fancy might be all the rage, but could be better than gifts that serve a purpose and look pretty at the same time? Update your gifting options today!