Having an amazing relationship with a Gemini woman

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Having a successful, invigorating relationship is fun and appreciable. If you need to know how to deal with everyone born under the sign of the social ‘Gemini’ in a particular way, due to their apparently unique personality traits, then here we have the points to share. To have a successful relationship with a Gemini woman, you will need to be willing to mix up your routine, keep your Gemini stimulated and let her be neurotic and unreliable without coming down too hard.

Best Things About A Gemini

Amidst all this, the positive traits of a Gemini far outweigh the negative ones powerfully. All Geminis absolutely love to laugh, they enjoy being sarcastic, and they want to have a good time. They love to share their gifts with the world and they have a strong desire to make a positive difference. They want to make a lasting impression with everyone they know and come in contact with. Gemini women are very loyal to their family and friends and in many cases will sacrifice a lot just to see them happy. They themselves are selfless individuals and expect others to be the same way.


Geminis are masters of communication, in all respects. You can never really win an argument with a Gemini. The more you argue with a Gemini, the more you’re fueling their fire to argue even more because they love to debate for fun. It’s in their nature, so really there is no point in trying to win an argument. Geminis can articulate well and validate every move they make. They also have an ability to see all sides of an argument. Such women have an unusual ability to know when people are being dishonest and once they find out you are withholding information. Being deceptive  or just straight out lying, it will be a very long time until you can gain their trust back. They are caring individuals, but they will not tolerate dishonesty or lying on any level.

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They are all very dignified and are very respectful towards all people. They definitely enjoy having a great time, but they also all have a very serious, professional or business-like demeanor and it should be respected. Geminis are able to adapt to any given situation and due to their versatility, they can accomplish more than any other zodiac sign.

What Triggers A Gemini

One thing that can irritate Gemini women is a person who cannot engage them in conversation. They find those who lack conversational skills to be very mundane. Have interesting things to talk about and keep in mind, a Gemini likes to listen just as much as they enjoy speaking. They are very intelligent. So don’t just ramble about things you don’t know about. They have a lot of knowledge about different subjects and can tell when you are being pretentious.


Geminis do not like people who are arrogant and who show off, for they feel this very distasteful, unattractive, and not becoming. They do not like people who are too bossy. They are all fiercely independent. Hence, won’t tolerate anyone stomping on their freedom. They need their autonomy. They hate having the same routine and like to change things up more often than not. They are very rational and analytical. They do not appreciate people who have tunnel vision. People who only see things in black and white, and people that are not open to the viewpoints of others. Because they just don’t operate in that mindset and consider it to be a weakness. So, if you have a Gemini woman in your life keep these detailed points in mind and simply enjoy the flow. Cherishing every moment of your precious relationship.

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