Heal yourself with Yoga


The art of yoga in India is mostly linked to Baba Ramdev, the Indian sage of Patanjali who defines yoga as an eight-stage process for spiritual development. These stages include postures, breathing exercises and meditative stages that focus on gaining enlightenment. Regularly practising yoga will give numerous benefits to one’s body and spiritual health. The major reasons why yoga should be included in everyone’s daily routine are:

1. Relieves Stress


Practising yoga every day is one of the most effective ways to deal with stress. All one needs to do is find a quiet spot, close eyes and concentrate on the incoming and outgoing breaths. Doing this meditation for 15 minutes can give you a day’s worth of mental peace and a night of peaceful sleep. 

2. Retains body’s Flexibility


Do you know why is yoga preferred over the heavy gym workout? It is because it has numerous magical benefits that no other sort of exercise can provide to one’s body. A little stretching while practising yoga can go a long way in detoxifying the body. It also helps to improve digestion which further works wonders in retaining the body’s flexibility and increases energy. 

Instils Oneself to push his/her Limits 


Depending on the level of yoga san, yoga helps one to push his/her limits. One tends to test his abilities by reaching their planned criteria of practice per day. It increases the strength of the body with long holds and continual movements required according to the pose practised. 

So, go and get your yoga mat as soon as possible for some great physical bliss and spiritual peace!