Healthy snacks for a guilt-free Diwali

Diwali Snacks

With the festive season upon us, we are busy thinking of ideas to make this Diwali special. From lights and outfit to food, there’s so much to plan, and very little time left. If you ask us, it is safe to stick to classics, but that does not mean you end up repeating the same menu from last year. A fair amount of mix and match could save you from embarrassment. Wedding Affair brings to you snacks that are not only tasty but also healthy. This Diwali snack guilt free

Soyabean Nuggets

Soya chunks are known to have a negligible amount of calories or fat and are known as a good source of protein, iron, calcium and many other vitamins and minerals. What’s best, these snacks make for a good meat-replacement for vegans and vegetarians alike. While you can get experimental by using veggies of your choice, an easy soybean nugget recipe by wraps up all the benefits of soy. Packed with the goodness of soybeans, beetroot and cabbage, these guilt-free nuggets make for the healthiest choice to serve at your next Diwali party.

Mathri Cookies

Flaky, buttery mathri cookies make a tasty and are healthy snacks. Typically, mathris are deep-fried and made with all-purpose flour. However, you can add a healthy twist to Diwali staple by using whole wheat flour. For a gluten-free alternative, you could swap the wheat with tapioca or almond flour, and then spike the dough with spices of your choice. Bonus: Serve alongside a chilled glass of Jaljeera drink.

Indian Nachos

Give the Mexican nachos an Indian twist. You can also give these snacks a nutritious twist. If you have got no tur dal lying around in your kitchen, substitute it with any dal of your choice to instantly up the iron and protein content of the crunchy appetiser. For a naughty twist, top with loads of cheese and serve with any sauce or dip of your choice.

Grilled Fruits

What better way to get kids to snack on fresh fruits than putting them on a barbeque. Charcoal-grilled snacks, served plain or sprinkled with chaat masala, is an easy way to make fruits exciting snacks. You can use just about any fruit, provided they are firm and aren’t at the peak of ripeness. Ditch your oily kebabs and pakodas for this fruity snack.

Broccoli Tandoori

This is not your average appetiser. Grilled broccoli florets marinated in yoghurt and spices renders a delicious alternative to greasy kebabs. What’s more, the marinade works well for bot vegetarian or non-vegetarian tandoori options–paneer, tofu, chicken, seafood, etc– leaving room for creativity and experimentation. Made with very little oil, these snacks will be a sure winner at your next party.

Baked Chakli

Chakli is one of the snacks that is associated with Diwali, so it is a must-include in our delicious Diwali recipe list. If you are watching your weight, deep fried chaklis are best avoided, but you don’t have to give up on chaklis entirely. You can always make a healthier version of chaklis. Here is the recipe of baked chaklis, try it and enjoy!

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