Healthy Snacks to Munch in between Meals


This stomach is an evil character, and the hunger is just an unpaid actor. We can never really have enough food and that is quite understandable. But it is sad that we cannot indulge in tempting meals all day long as it would make turn us into a potato sacks. Incorrect. While you can pick interesting mini-meals for the day, they do not necessarily need to go wrong with your digestion. Today, we bring to you the most nutritious tiny snacks that you are allowed to grab when the previous wasn’t just enough and the next meal is far far away –

  1. Mixed Nuts
Mixed nuts are all time favorite snacks.

Nuts are an all-time snack in our country and there is nothing better than mixing them all together in a bowl and biting on them with the crackling sound. Also, nuts are one of the greatest sources of protein. Another pro of having mixed nuts as a mid-snack meal is that they have antioxidant properties which help in cleansing your digestive system. You can mix all the dry fruits around you, or you could also purchase packed nuts for a better assortment. Keep in mind that these do not replace your meals as nuts have heat in them which could disturb your digestion if taken in higher quantities.

  1. Protein/ Granola Bars
Protein/ granola bars.

Granola is basically mixed nuts ground together, along with some sugar. And the market is full of granola bars that are not only delicious to have but highly appetizing too. Rich in proteins, iron, and multi-vitamins, granola bars are a meal in themselves. However, there is a slight issue here. Granola bars can be a little too sweet for regular consumption, or for diet-conscious people. If you do not wish to consume these on a daily basis, it is fine. Otherwise, you could opt for similar protein bars.

  1. Sauteed Vegetables
Delicious sauteed vegetables.

This is a lip-smacking twist to the boring veggies we have regularly. As we are aware, vegetables of all kinds are a huge source of various proteins, carbs, iron, calcium, vitamins, etc. And their best essence can be absorbed by the body when consumed raw. But we all know how hard that is. Instead, you can semi-cook your veggies and munch them in the middle of your long days. All you need to do is to heat some oil in a pan, cook your veggies for a short while, and add your favorite seasoning. Viola! Your meal is ready.

  1. Yogurt and Berries
Yogurt and berries serve as a refreshing snack.

Let us move on to some refreshing snacks for the scorching heat these days. Yogurt is loaded with probiotics and prebiotics, which are digestion-friendly. And they also work as providers of the essential fatty acids to your body. Berries, on the other hand, are natural sugars, and proteins. A combination of these two feels like a refreshing dessert at any time of the day. You can mix blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and maybe some nuts for texture, along with a bowl of your go-to yogurt. Add a little bit of honey for the pinch of sweetness.

  1. Smoothies
Smoothies with different flavors.

Bringing in the essence of liquids, and their ability to quench our hunger and thirst at the same time is exactly what we need in the gaps between our meals. Smoothies lie somewhere between juices and shakes, but with that sudden urge to grab something that is wholesome yet, tasty, delicious fruit smoothies are to the rescue. Collect fruits like apples, bananas, kiwis, blueberries, oranges, peaches, and mangoes, at different times, or else you will mess up the taste. Pick one or two of these, and add milk or yogurt, honey/ cinnamon/flavor extracts, and ice. Blend all of these together, and enjoy a fulfilling smoothie meal right away.

  1. Oatmeal
Oatmeal with the toppings of berries.

Oatmeal, as the name suggests is a dish prepared from processed oats or whole grains. This snack is rich in fibre and proteins and is sure going to treat your hunger attacks with the utmost care, by keeping you full for long hours. Boil some good amount of water, and add your desired level of oats to it. Oats tend to expand when boiled, so add the quantity as required. Add salt to taste, and cinnamon/ cardamom/ turmeric for extra flavor. Reduce the heat and cook until you attain the required consistency. You can now garnish the oatmeal with your favorite toppings like – frozen/ canned fruits, nuts, healthy seeds, yogurt, etc.

So, finally, we have reached the end of our mouth-watering blog where we looked at some amazing deals on proteins where you do not need to compromise on your taste too. Tell us what you are grabbing as a snack in the middle of a movie, or during your work break.