Herbs That Enhance Hair Volume – Ayurvedic Delights 


Beauty resides in your locks and so does your tresses need tremendous care to get into the flow of your beauty like a scintillating cascade of eternity. Hair loss is a common concern for most of the men and women. There are many reasons your hair may fall out, from genetics or vitamin deficiencies to hormone changes, etc. Some medical conditions, such as thyroid disease, may also cause excessive hair fall. There is no spellbinding projectile for growing hair, but research has shown that some herbs may help strengthen hair, support scalp health, improve hair thickness, or revivify the hair growth cycle.

Still, more clinical trials on humans are needed before herbal remedies become a mainstream hair growth treatment. Any herb may be used in all types of herbal hair product preparations. But it may be onerous to find over-the-counter hair growth products that include the herbs used in research. Your doctor or natural health practitioner may be able to help you find a restorative that best suits your needs. Be sure to have a conversation with your doctor before use. They can walk you through your treatment options and advise you on any step. Keeping the hair care and hair volume essentials in mind, here we have a number of herbs that can enhance your hair volume with extra nourishment.

Oils And Herbs

Herbal hair oils such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, walnut oil, olive oil, mineral oil and wheat germ oil are must-haves depending upon your hair texture and scalp adaptability. ‘Chinese Hibiscus’ is an evergreen shrub. It helps stimulate hair follicles, increase follicle size, and increase hair growth. ‘Brahmi’, also called bacopa, is used in Ayurveda medicine. It contains alkaloids thought to activate proteins responsible for hair growth. ‘Coat Buttons’ is a creeping Ayurvedic herb and member of the daisy family. It contains antioxidants and promotes hair growth on its own and in synergy with other herbs. ‘Ginseng’ is an age-old natural remedy for many conditions, including hair loss. It contains saponins, which are believed to encourage hair growth by inhibiting 5a reductase, related to hair loss in men.

Herbs‘Gooseberry’ is an Ayurvedic herb containing several antioxidants, which is used to strengthen hair and promote hair growth. ‘Gotu Kola’ is one of the most popular Ayurvedic herbs. It is used to increase hair length and stimulate hair growth, possibly by increasing blood circulation to the scalp. ‘Aloe Vera’ is a tropical plant and a popular folk remedy to keep the scalp conditioned and healthy, which can literally favour healthy hair growth. 

Other Herbs

‘Holy basil’ is a fragrant, adaptogenic herb known for its healing properties. It helps to prevent hair loss caused by dandruff and itching or changes in hormonal levels. ‘Bitter Apple’ is a desert, fruit-bearing plant used in Ayurveda. Its dried fruit pulp is used to treat hair loss. Bitter apple contains glycosides, which are compounds used to initiate hair growth. ‘Fenugreek’ is a member of the pea family. It is definitely a popular cooking spice with potential hair-growing benefits. Fenugreek seed extract improves hair volume and hair thickness in men and women with moderate hair loss. ‘Espinosilla’ is a herb, which is generally grown in Mexico. It is used to strengthen hair follicles and help maintain a healthy scalp. ‘Goji Berry’ is another fruit-bearing shrub used in traditional medicines to promote hair growth.

It contains zinc, a mineral used to infuse the scalp with oil to help prevent dandruff which can lead to hair loss. Last but not the least, ‘Oriental Arborvitae’ is an evergreen tree and member of the cypress family. It is a traditional remedy for baldness. The herb helps hair grow by stimulating the growth stage in resting hair follicles. The main risk of herbal hair growth products is an allergic reaction. You should always do a patch test to check for an allergic reaction before using any herbs. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not use herbs to grow hair unless under the supervision of a doctor or a qualified natural health practitioner. So, folks make your hair game stronger and thicker with these ayurvedic delights for sure! 

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