Here are some food items to enhance your metabolism


Metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories and sheds extra weight. A higher metabolism reduces the risk of obesity and other health related issues that might be caused due to being overweight. People who are blessed with a high metabolic rate do not need to worry about what they’re eating and how many calories they are consuming on a daily basis.

Metabolism is when the body burns fuel and energy and it determines our body’s level of energy, appetite and body fat. If you have a slower metabolism then your body may remain bulky as it won’t shed the extra fat. A slower metabolism could result in gaining weight at a faster pace as you are going to store a lot more body fat than required. Hence, here are 5 foods you should eat daily to keep your metabolism high.

Turmeric powder


Protein-rich foods like eggs, lean meat and dairy products keep your metabolism high. They are ideal for burning calories and to speed up your metabolism rate as the body requires more energy to digest than it does for carbohydrates.


Daily intake of coffee, not more than 2-3 cups can increase your metabolic rate up by 11 per cent at least. People who consume coffee in an adequate amount are expected to burn more calories in a day than others.

Green tea

Green tea allows your body to use stored fat more effectively. It increases your metabolic rate up by 4 to 10 per cent easily. It has no notable side effects and can be consumed daily, about 2 cups every day.



Adding ginger to your tea or meals is an ideal choice as it is linked to increasing your body temperature and your metabolic rate. Ginger also has anti-inflammatory properties that are helpful in keeping your overall health in check and nausea at bay.

Chilli Peppers

Spices are linked with an increase in metabolism rate. Spices that contain fresh and dried chilli peppers are great to boost your metabolism. Add spices to your meals and you will probably be burning more calories.

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