Here is what you should eat on your wedding day


No bride wants to spend their big day fighting bloat or indigestion. But, skipping meals or forgetting to eat can cause havoc and you might end up weaker than you should be. So, what should a bride eat? Here we have formulated the Perfect food  menu that will help you feel calm, nourished, and beautiful on your perfect day. We suggest that you go with smoothies that are formulated and guaranteed to nourish your body with what it needs while turning down hunger hormones, keeping you satisfied for hours, and limiting excessive sugar. Because sugar which most of us do not know is one of the primary causes for bloat. 

Start with water 

Hydrate with enzyme rich water! Adding cucumber, lemon or mint to your water will help your body to stay hydrated and encourage urination earlier in the morning to prevent fluid retention and swelling. This will make sure you clear out all toxins and get your gut ready for the day. 

 Something light for breakfast

Oats , flax seeds or chia seed puddings are a great start for the fibre and will give you the energy you require to function till lunch. But will also not stay in your system for long and digest just enough to give you the right amount of energy. 

Omega 3 Rich Lunch

Nourishing your body with essential omega-3 fatty acids and protein prior to a night of drinking can help slow the absorption of ethanol into the circulatory system to avoid being a super tipsy bride. Choose a fatty fish like salmon over easy to digest greens like spinach or mixed greens. You can also try esteemed fish or a light salad. Either way, a high-protein high-fat lunch will keep your blood sugar balanced and help prevent a hangover. 

What to avoid 


If you want to toast or drink alcohol while you are getting ready, consider low sugar options such as vodka or silver tequila with double soda water instead of champagne.

Cheese and gluten 

Steer clear of cheese, gluten, and any white or empty carbohydrates. They will make you bloat and that’s something you most definitely don’t want during your lehenga fitting. 


 Limit caffeine! When nerves and adrenaline are high, one comforting cup of coffee is enough. Focus on hydrating with water throughout the morning while you get ready instead.

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