Here’s how to maintain an all-time sparkling love life


Are you worried that you and your bae might lose connection and bonding down a few and years in the relationship? Well, if you are worried then we have a perfect set of pointers for you to follow in order to keep the spark in your relationship alive. Lay an eye on the following tips: 

Freedom to communicate 

At times there is a certain rough patch between two love birds and the two of them easily seem to give up. But if you’re looking for maintaining the spark in your relationship forever well, then here’s the catch- you need to communicate. So what if issues and conflicts knock on your doors, Make sure to solve them out before they bottle up inside you. 


Give your partner and yourself the freedom to communicate and express, even if you argue let it out. Because letting things out and keeping the conflicts on the table will help the two of you to recognize your partner’s needs and your mistakes. If you want your partner to respect and love you the same way then you will have to allow an open dialogue amidst yourselves. 

Woo them with gestures

One way to keep the spark in your relationship alive is definitely to communicate, but other than that you should probably think of spicing things up with random gestures to woo your partner. Several months and years down the relationship people tend to overlook intimacy and forget to be creative. 

So, in order to keep your spark alive you should think of going out of your comfort zone, schedule surprises, plan out romantic getaways, and most importantly try out different possibilities to satisfy your partner while under the sheets. Play with romance and never let your spark die!


Don’t live in the past!

If you’re planning on living the rest of your life with your special someone and you wish to maintain your spark forever well, then you need to let go of the old disappointments and start afresh. Clinging onto the previous banters will probably hold you back, and plucking out long known issues in your fights or arguments will never lead to any solutions. Accept your relationship and your partner for what he/she is now and do not judge them for their previous wrongdoings. Move on and focus on what the future holds for you love birds. 

Grow in the process 

Growth is a wide process with several aspects to the same, and speaking of relationships well, you need to make ways for growth not just in your character but in your relationship. Growing according to your partner’s wishes and making amends in your relationship according to the situation is what will assist you in maintaining that spark lifelong. 

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