Here’s How to Up Your Home Decor Game


Shifting to a new paradise and wish to create a vibe that is one of a kind? Or maybe sitting in your current sacred space and want to revamp the whole of it? Guess who has a solution to this worry of yours? Wedding Affair! Who says you need to turn the walls and woods upside down to retouch your homely palace? All you need is to grasp some ideas of the market, make some ingenious purchases, and finally smartly place these in the empty and dull corners. Today we present to you a special home decor session which will leave you wanting for more, for the eyes and the residence too.

  • Abstract Mirrors
Crafted mirrors for your living area.

Mirrors play a very strange role in changing the outlook of our homes. Though they are just basic pieces of furniture that reflect light from the corner of the room, that is also what makes them an interesting accessory that is part of the home decor. If you want to make your place look more modern and intriguing, replace your basic rectangular mirrors with abstract ones. These can sit on the floor of your bedroom, and can also be placed on the walls of your living room. It is said that if you mount a mirror right in front of your house entrance, it helps in eliminating negative energy.

  • Vintage Wall Clocks
A vintage floor wall clock adding up to the style quotient of your place.

Give a retro touch to your place by switching to quirky wall clocks. There are multiple designs that you can catch inspiration from. You can opt for a Victorian hanging clock that is mounted on the edge of the wall and is also double-sided. Another option is to choose a life-size clock that resembles vintage cabinets. These will surely add an extra dimension to your home, along with maintaining the classic essence of it.

  • Antique Side Pieces
Aesthetically pleasing phonograph sidepiece.

The boring old school showpieces sitting on the shelves of your dining rack just got a makeover. We see how showpieces are often underrated only because they are not chosen wisely. Trust us, if you choose and invest in the greatest and most unique side pieces, they will definitely serve as eye candies to your next visitors. And when you categorize them as antique, the bar just gets higher and higher. Look at this distinctive phonograph, and how it will accentuate the vibe of your room within just a few seconds.

  • Scented Candles with Stands
These pretty scented candles have our hearts.

Skeptical if scented candles actually count as an item under home decor? Let’s clear your doubts. While these candles are supposed to enhance the aroma of your place, if bought opulently, scented candles can serve as an amazing piece of decor with bare minimum efforts. You could place it on a wooden side table, or in a brass tray on your center table. Some people like to keep their candles on their main entrance doors to engulf the environment with incense.

  • Minimalistic Planters
Check how these tiny plants are also enhancing the overall outlook.

Plants have been an inseparable part of our households. And what’s better than to use this must-have item as a piece of accessory? You can find various types of indoor and outdoor plant pots along with their intricately designed stands. Ranging from tiny Bonsais to life-size Pines. If you want to take a different route here try this – accumulate all the glass jars of your house and paint them in quirky patterns. Place mud and seeds into them and convert them into mini indoor plants that you could place at your workstation, restroom shelves, or even in the perimeter of your house. Whereas for large flora, pick boho plant pots with huge transcending plants and make them sit at the corner of any room. Viola! An Eco-friendly makeover to your place.

  • Canvas Painting
Separated canvas paintings are the new game.

Paintings, as we are aware, add color and life to your home environment. There is nothing much to say here, except the fact that abstract and out-of-the-box paintings placed at any corner of your place immediately makes it more conversational. We are loving different versions of these. Like broken paintings or those which are deliberately divided into separate canvases. One interesting way to include paintings in your home decor is to mount them in your staircase to bring a cheer in the silent walls.

  • Floor Lamps
Mindfully curated floor lamps.

The most recent addition to the home decor market are the floor lamps. It is hard to explain how these contemporary pieces simply enhance the outlook of your place by also adding a subtle warm tone to the entirety of it. We are already aware about the elegance of table lamps. But, floor lamps? Damn, you have to invest in these. Check out this intelligently crafted floor lamp that is tall enough to be the highest in the room. We love how it is ultra-modern and ultra-fine at the same time.

So these were all of our top picks that will certainly level up your home decor game. Let us know what intimidated you the most in the comments section below. Happy homing! 

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