Here’s how you can brighten up your home this summer


With the peak summer season approaching, it is time to refresh your decor with summer hues. While creating an ambiance, lighting plays an essential part. For summer lighting trends 2021, it is all about toning down the ambiance to achieve a relaxed and comfortable mood. Here’s all you can do to brighten up your abode.

Less is more

Stick to a minimalist approach when it comes to Summer lighting. Invest in minimal lighting to create a pleasing ambiance. Overdoing lighting can result in an uncomfortable squinting.


Subtle in-ground lights to ground for landscape

A perfect way to make Summer evenings pleasing is to add in-ground lights to highlight the outdoor landscaping. Low voltage in-ground lights can create a dreamy outdoors that can be enjoyed with friends and family on summer evenings. These lights are also ideal for path lighting down a long driveway or illuminating a tall tree.

Switch to dimmers

Dimmers are devices connected to a light fixture and used to adjust the brightness of the light. During Summer, you can use dimmers to control the intensity of light and create a comfortable ambiance while saving electricity. Low brightness can help you create an intimate and cosy setting; therefore, dimmers are ideal for mood lighting.

Plant Lights

It is a combination of LED Light and green plants. The idea behind this design is to bring out a natural essence in your space. These lights highlight even the corner of your room using innovative lighting techniques. While you are in quarantine, add these lights in your courtyard to help you feel relaxed and comfortable. The illumination is both a source of warm placidity and a way to highlight ornamental plant life.


Use fabric lampshades with lighter color tones

For light fixtures such as table lamps, floor lamps and wall lamps, fabric shades work best during Summers. White lampshades will add coolness by diffusing the brightness of the light. When you chose the fabric think about how you want to use the light as well.

Relaxing corners on summer evenings

While creating a cool and relaxing ambiance in Summers, it is advisable to have a corner set up with cool colour temperature lamps in the evenings. An ideal colour temperature will give a slight warm glow for a comfortable setting.

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