Here’s How You can Enjoy Your Wedding Day To The Fullest


No one in this entire world would have ever thought that I could be a calm bride. I have been excited about my wedding probably since I was in the second standard. I didn’t even know what marriage meant, all I knew was that I’ll be the prime focus of the event, I’ll get to look good and people will shower me with gifts and blessings. Like Monica in FRIENDS, I have a compulsive disorder where I want everything to be just perfect. Not just perfect, Monica Perfect!

So, when my boyfriend proposed to me, more than excited I started getting nervous about the wedding. But I didn’t want to play stage director on my wedding day and wanted to be the leading lady, just a happy bride. I had only one thing in mind: “I will not freak out on my wedding day.” As it may have come as a surprise to my family members, I am proud to say that I managed to keep my cool and had the most fun at my wedding. Yes, even when my sister forgot to bring jewellery to the parlour. (OK, that was nerve-wracking, but I didn’t panic. honestly!)

It’s definitely not easy to change from a perfection-freak to a kick-back-and-enjoy-yourself bride, but it was definitely worth it. Here are a few steps for you enjoy your wedding day to the fullest

1. Know what you want

Admit it, you have flipped through at least a million wedding magazine by now. But, it is time to finalise what you want for your wedding day. From decor to attire to food, you should know what you want, what your budget is and stick to it. This can only be done if you’ve made peace with your choices.

2. Trust your partner’s choices

You may have a thing for doing all the tasks by yourself. But taking all the responsibilities at your head can be burdensome. Acts like these only bring stress, nothing else. There is no harm in taking your partner’s help. They may have some amazing ideas for the wedding too, all you have to do is trust their decisions.

3. Don’t forget to fix your heirloom jewellery

Your dadi must have given you her precious diamond necklace as a wedding gift and you might more than excited to wear it. The only problem is a lot of brides forget that jewellery pieces that are so old need to be taken care of. You can’t just get up one day and decide to wear it. So, rather than making a mess on your wedding day, make sure that you have shown your heirloom jewellery to your jeweller. If there is any need for the jewellery to get fixed, it can be taken care of.

4. Make sure you have plenty of food and booze

Weddings are universally known for food and booze. Guests like to eat all that is available, not to mention wasting more than eating. Who are we kidding, we all have done this. Wedding guests eat/drink a lot, it is the only way of getting back the money we spent on the gift. Right? A perfectly planned wedding can get ruined if you run short of food or alcohol. To avoid a situation like this, you need adequate pre-planning.

5. Your wedding dress should fit you just right

It is your wedding day – one of the most special days of your life. All eyes will be on you as you enter the venue. To celebrate your day to the fullest, it is extremely necessary that you feel happy about what you are looking like. An ill-fitted dress can make you feel under-confident, resulting in an unhappy bride. You wouldn’t want that, would you? There’s absolutely no scope for taking chances for your wedding dress. Don’t just buy it well in advance, make sure you have tried it on few days before the wedding. Bride’s generally lose/gain weight during the days leading to the wedding. Avoid any last minute hassle and get your bridal lehenga fixed just in case you need it.

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