Here’s how you can make up after fighting


Fighting with your partner isn’t a bad thing. After all, this is what makes the relationship stronger. When you argue, you undergo catharsis. But most fights involve confrontation and arguments that can get downright ugly and you can end up saying things that you didn’t mean to. While arguing isn’t that tough, trying to make up after a fight definitely is. Everyone takes their own time to recover from an argument. While some forget within minutes, others need a day or two to get over it. Whatever the healing time may be, making up after a fight is essential to resolve the issues and move on. So we have for you some easy ways to make up with your partner after a fight.



Don’t let your ego prevent you from apologising to your significant other. A simple and sincere apology can go a long way and can prevent those moments of tension and coldness between you and your partner after a fight. So don’t think twice before apologising.

Reach a negotiation

By negotiation, we mean you two should reach a mid-point. Whatever the reason might be for the fight, try to negotiate and compromise to end the fight there and then.



For making up after a fight, communication is key. Discuss what went wrong and the things that led to the fight and the heated arguments between the two of you. Share your point of view with your partner and listen to theirs, to not only end the fight but also prevent disagreements and confrontations in the future.

Give it some time

Don’t pretend like nothing happened as this will not help you two to effectively resolve your issues. Give some time to yourself and your partner to think things through and to process your emotions and feelings.

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