Here’s how you get the perfect smile with your pearly whites


It’s common knowledge that your smile is one of your most important assets. It is the most striking feature on your face. A bright, attractive smile can transform your face into one which is captivating and charming, and as a result, can positively impact your self-confidence as well. Here’s a few tips to ensure our smiles and teeth stay as bright as possible.

Visit Your Dentist

Teeth will darken over time. The best option is to visit a dentist and get your teeth cleaned or professionally whitened. A dental office bleach is the most effective for getting quick results and over time, tray bleaching procedures also work quite well.


Use The Right Makeup

Select makeup shades that make teeth look whiter. For example: Lipsticks with blue tones make teeth look brighter. Pick a plum-toned or berry-colored lipstick. Use a lip liner and accentuate the shape of your lips. The bigger and poutier the lips look the brighter the teeth appear in contrast. Don’t use gold-toned gloss, it makes teeth look darker and yellower. Use a bronzer on your face to create a warmer background against which the teeth can shine.

Use A Whitening Toothpaste

You could use an over-the-counter whitening toothpaste. While it does not whiten the teeth, it will minimise the stains from forming.

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Try Home Remedies

Use a paste of baking soda and water, and gently rub your teeth with it. Use the inside or the white part of an orange peel along with sea salt to rub the teeth. Use the peel of a ripe banana and rub your teeth with its insides for about two minutes. Rub a really ripe strawberry on your teeth. Just like exfoliating the skin, it removes superficial debris from the teeth. However, do be cautious as all these home remedies are either abrasive and rub away the stain, or are acidic and melt away the stains. But they also affect the teeth and can cause sensitivity and erosion of your enamel.

Consume Teeth-Friendly Foods

Fibrous foods like apples, celery, carrots, and green leafy vegetables are very good for your dental health. Fruits like strawberries and foods with good fats (like avocados and nuts) also ensure good health for your system, and your teeth and gums.

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