Here’s why your skin looks dull and what you can do


We often think about our skin as something that we take care of only on the outside, but the reality is that this organ can be affected by a combination of both external and internal factors. For example, one of the biggest complaints people have about their skin is that it looks dull, but simply washing your face or throwing on an illuminating primer won’t remedy the issue. You’ve got to go deeper than that! To go from lackluster to ultra-glowy, pay attention to the most common dull-skin culprits, and adjust your routine accordingly! Getting to know these common causes of dull skin will help you to boost your glow game according


Skin can be dehydrated both from the inside out, and from the outside in. If you’re not drinking enough fluids and/or consuming lots of salt, this can make your skin appear flaky and flat. Not moisturizing regularly and using very hot water (which strips your skin of its oils), can dehydrate skin from the outside. In addition, make sure you’re washing and showering with warm water versus scalding hot, and moisturize your skin from head to toe at least twice daily. For your face, try using a moisturizing toner followed by a hyaluronic acid serum, and then top it with a cream to help lock everything in. For your body, reach for your favorite body lotion or oil.

Dead Skin Cell Overload

Our skin is constantly shedding dead cells, which have a tendency to linger on the surface until we wash them away. The thing is, sometimes washing isn’t even enough for the extra-stubborn stuff. That’s where physical and chemical exfoliators come in. Physical exfoliants — like scrubs, textured sponges, and brushes — mechanically remove dead skin cells. Aim for once a week, or twice a week if you’re typically oily and congested.

Pollution and UV Rays

If you live in the countryside then pollution probably doesn’t impact you, but those who live in any sort of suburban or urban area encounter it all day every day. No matter where you live, though, the sun’s rays are shining down on you. Both pollution and UV rays can damage your skin via free radicals, which eventually causes a dull complexion. Your best line of defense is both ingested and topical antioxidants, as well as sunscreen. Regarding diet, incorporate as many colorful whole fruits and vegetables that you can. These vitamins and minerals make you feel good, keep you healthier for longer, and can contribute to more beautiful skin.

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