Here’s your mini-guide for healthy marriages


Wedding is not just about exchanging garlands. Tying the knot and taking rounds before the sacred fire — it’s a blessing conferred to the couple with a basket of happiness. Marriages are wrapped up with certain responsibilities and obligations. If one fails to take care about those duties, he or she loses the essence of peace and happiness in their marital life. Once you are married you need to be diligent with your actions as it might affect your partner. So, we are here for you with some advice which may help you ride your marriage life jovially and peacefully to a long distance. 

Adjustment And Trust – The Key To Healthy Marriage!

Wedlock results in the solemnisation of two souls differing by identity, nature, perspective and several other aspects. At various moments of life, things may not go as per your desires and you ought to adjust and make yourself comfortable with the other one’s view or action to let the ride go on. Adding to this, one should irrigate its tree of married life with faith to reap the sweet fruits. 

Respect And Honour

The colours of married life can be illuminated well if both the partners respect and honour each other’s perspective. You may not like your partner’s point of view or suggestion, but it should never be disregarded or disrespected in a way to hurt him or her. At least you should listen regardless you agree or disagree. One must not forget to respect the dignity and integrity of your better half.


No More ‘I, Me, Mine’, But ‘We, Our, Us’

Surrendering a part of ourselves is an inherent characteristic of marriage and one cannot deny doing the same if he or she desires to enjoy the ride smoothly. For once, you need to start keeping your partner’s interest first. This way you’ll not only find a way to their heart but the bond that you two share will also strengthen. At some instances, you might have to step back to keep things going effectively. You wouldn’t lose your individuality; you just need to alter a few habits and mould your schedule it a little bit to practice a healthier way of living.

Don’t Get Enraged, Have Patience 

Sometimes, things may not go as per your wishes and might enrage you. No two people or families are alike and you need to keep that in mind. In no situation possible can anger make things right. It’s always better to stay calm and look out for a solution. Initially you may struggle but, you two should focus on resolving things together, calmly.

Don’t Hesitate To Forgive

We are no machine, we are humans and we do commit mistakes sometime or the other. At times you or your partner may even repeat the same mistake. But that doesn’t mean to change things. There’s no space for ego when it comes to husband and wife, you need to place yourself in each other’s shoes and then make a decision.


Take No Time To Apologize 

Delaying apology might have a negative and long-lasting impact on your  bond born out of wedlock. So, be benign and mellow and be prompt in making an apology. It wouldn’t harm your self-respect, in fact your first move to make an apology will win over the heart of your partner.

Communicate And Listen

This aspect has been a hot topic among marriage couples for so long because it is frequently observed, if a relationship lacks communication it gets colder with time. It might be proved disastrous as it leaves lacunae for misunderstandings which eventually leads to grief and sorrow. So, spend some quality time and share your thoughts as well as listen to your partner. Exchanging thoughts is an essentiality to keep your relationship healthy. 

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