Hilarious Wedding Pranks

Source: Shaadidukaan

The prominence of a wedding ceremony lies in adhering to the traditional customs and rituals, but the heart of this celebration lies in unlimited laughter and unexpected enjoyable moments. Wedding pranks would harm no soul but might rather become a joke that will be used for generations to pass on hilarious wedding tales. 

Here’s a Drunken Bride!

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What will be your first expression when you will find the supposed beautiful and cultured Indian bride drunk? To see the supposed-to-be shy and silent bride drunk will be a big deal for everyone, but it’d be a lot of fun too. The bride can act drunk while in the middle of her Haldi ceremony, talking gibberish with her family and then spicing it up with an unexpected dance performance on a 90’s song from Bollywood. She could also play with the groom during the wedding, saying naughty things behind her veil. This could be a lot more fun in real! 

An Unexpected phrase

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What if your favourite aunt or uncle comes up on the stage, asks the DJ to stop the songs, grabs on the mike and violently claims, “Yeh Shaadi Nahi ho Sakti!” While everyone processes this statement and show expressions of fear and shock, she repeats this line, only to calm down the tension with a beautiful warm blessing. Let this moment be properly taped so that you can recollect it and heartily laugh in the times to come. 

Bollywood Inspiration 

Source: Bollywood Hungama

We all have laughed endlessly while watching the movie Welcome. Remember the scene in which Malika Sherawat stopped Rajiv and Sanjana’s engagement ceremony by stating that the groom has already married her while they were kids. Imagine a policeman’s abrupt claims or a pregnant woman showing up with a baby bump amid pheras on the mandap. This is surely going to be a frightening moment for the guests, family and the nervous couple, but once discovered a prank, it will leave everyone amazed. 

Try out these unique pranks at your best friend’s wedding and leave the guests thrilled with unexpected moments!