Holy Wedding Mantras


The echo of holy chants for the ears, the fragrance of mogra rising through the incense sticks for the nose, the
illumination of the bright Agni for the eyes and the promises of togetherness of a future for the hands: the state of experiencing a Gandharva Sthan amidst the ringing bells of a Hindu wedding. The whole environment traverses into purification of a belief – marriage is forever. Mantra, derived from Sanskrit, literally translates to an instrument of thought for the mind or mann. Ancient Hindu sages devised mantras as a powerful energy source for inducing an altered state of consciousness. Repetitive chanting of mantras is believed to strengthen our bond with our inner selves by adjusting vibrations around us and furthering our way into spiritual awakening. Customarily beginning with the majestic sound of ॐ, simple mantras magnify the essence of our ultimate reality. Likewise, Hindu wedding mantras reverberate the surroundings, invoking the deities for their blessings. Although the mangalpheras have magnetised popularity due to their dramatic presence in Bollywood, it is the redolence of complete wedding mantras that is worth lending our senses to; which unfortunately today is merely seen as a routine performed by the priest.