Honda launches COVID ‘mask’ for your cars


Honda now fast-tracked an innovative new cabin filter in response to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s called the Kurumask, a portmanteau of “kuruma” (Japanese for “car”) and mask. A “car mask” would be an accurate description, because the Kurumask is actually a thin cap that goes over the existing cabin filter. It does not protect the car from viruses, of course, but its passenger (much like wearing a mask is about protecting others). This little invention is made to fit over your existing cabin filter and features a surface made up of millions of micro zinc-phosphate thorns/barbs that catch and kill the COVID-19 virus.


The Japanese marque Honda said that their new product can catch the virus droplets on its specially designed surfaces while reducing its shape and damaging them all along. The air filter uses zinc phosphate chemical conversion treatment which several automakers use to prevent rusting on their vehicles.

The Kurumask also comprises of millions of thorn-like protrusions and it fits onto the existing cabin filter. It developed alongside the Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science. This mask utilizes a zinc-phosphate chemical treatment to remove 99.8 per cent of airborne coronavirus droplets in your car. And it can do so within 15 minutes. As a bonus, it does not only filter out COVID-19 but also other viruses.

The Development

According to Honda, it would normally have taken several years to develop such a product, but because of the urgency of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company released it on an accelerated schedule. Since the outbreak, Honda has been working with local governments in Japan on vehicles for transporting coronavirus patients. This was one of the technologies resulting from that program.

The Kurumask has a life expectancy of 9,320 miles (15,000 km) and costs $68. Sadly it is only compatible with the Honda N-box for the moment. This is available exclusively in Japan. But Honda says it should be available soon for other vehicles too. 

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