Honeymoon Destinations For Best Foodgasms!


Let’s admit it, at some point in life we all just wanted to be one of those TV show hosts who would travel to different places and try out scrumptious dishes and cuisines and get actually paid for that. Well, god knows how many of us actually ended up with that profession. 

You might have finally found the love of your life, but even you know how that first date happened because of the garlic scallops that you so badly wanted to try. And fortuitously enough if you and your darling share the same lust for food, you can basically see yourself growing old and fat together. 

Jokes apart, but dieting for your wedding to look your absolute best must have been the worst part and therefore it’s time you foodies treat yourselves with the ultimate foodgasms and what better occasion than your honeymoon for that.

Therefore, Wedding Affair presents an appetizing list of honeymoon destinations for paramount foodies to live the ‘eat, pray & love’ experience on their honeymoon.

1. New Orleans, Louisiana


In an ocean full of eye candies, you were his soul food. And if you both don’t mind donning up a little extra calories for experiencing the tastes that pierce your souls and you still end up saying ‘thank you’, then New Orleans, Louisiana needs to be your one hot spot on your honeymoon trip. The popular cajun and creole cuisine of the area is surely going to leave your souls tantalized with its hearty wholesomeness.

2. Burgundy, France 


Burgundy is the destination that is not only going to offer you some picturesque backgrounds for your Instagram feed but also delicacies that are no less than tongue twisters but are surely the ‘tongue-pleasers’. Enjoying some crisp wine fresh and straight from the beautiful vineyards while you feast upon culinary riches of all sorts is what we call an authentic Burgundy experience.

3. Seoul, South Korea


Seoul is a dream destination for two types of people, a) K-pop and K-drama fans and b) foodies. Yes, Korean cuisine is adventurous, to say the least and it makes you feel things you thought never even existed. Our top recommendations would be tteokbokki  (chewy rice cakes with meat and veggies in a spicy sauce) and hotteok (a donut-like snack filled with sugar, ground peanuts and sesame seeds) along with Soju in the original Korean spirits.

4. Cape Town, South Africa


Cape Town is anyway a quite popular vacation spot amongst the honeymooners because of it’s adventurous and scenic setup but apart from that, it is also home to some of the finest restaurants across the globe like the Test Kitchen, which is amongst the World’s top 50 restaurants. It also boasts of some really exceptional vineyards under its expanse which is inexorably going to redefine your ‘fine drinking and dining’ experience. You even have many fun spots to explore like the Robben Islands and the Cape of Good Hope.

5. Mexico City, Mexico


If you and your buttercup have spent most of your lives making trips to Taco Bell and Chillies just to satisfy your inner spicy mamacita, then what better than a whole trip planned around Mexico City on your honeymoon, to get your hands on the bonafide Mexican flavours while you enjoy the vibrant culture of the place too? Clearly, nothing.   

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