Honeymooners’ wardrobe checklist: What to wear, where?


Congratulations! You guys made it to the sweetest phase every newly wedded couple awaits—the honeymoon. This holiday to celebrate your new intimacy and seclusion is going to be by far the best time spent together with your spouse, make the most of it. You might keep honeymooning even after a couple of years of your marriage but your first honeymoon is going to be very special all together. To make sure you give your honeymoon your best shot, we have prepared a checklist of how you can dress as per your chosen honeymoon destination.

On the Beach, by the Sea

On the Beach, by the Sea_Wedding Affair

Beaches are the most preferred destinations for perfect honeymoons. On the pebbly-sandy shore, walking hand in hand with the love of your life, feeling the high-low water marks on your feet and savouring the arctic breeze.

What to wear?

For the Babe: Sets of perfect bikinis, scarves to turn them into sarongs, cute pairs of flip flops, a beach tote bag, shorts, skirts, cotton flowy dresses and a pair of sexy aviators shall be enough. Don’t carry clothes that are too body con because the sun by the beach could make you fussed up.

For the Dude: Cool graphic boxers, shorts, t-shirts, vests, flip flops, a classic cap are all your bag should be stuffed with, and of course sunglasses.


Countryside_Wdeding Affair

By the countryside is an unusual honeymoon getaway but couples who like it old school and serene would surely choose for such a destination. Switzerland is one famous countryside honeymoon destination. Yes! The DDLJ shoot location.

What to wear?

For the Kajol look: Flared skirts, dungaree dresses, corsets, bell bottoms, puff sleeved tops, boots, a satchel and a mandatory cowgirl hat.

For the Shahrukh look: Long coats, baggy sweatshirts, neck scarves, camouflaged pants, blucher oxfords, heavy duty boots, and a cowboy hat.

City side

Cityside_Wedding Affair

Whist in a city, there’s a lot scope for exploration, from high end bars and discs to most famous eating joints, cities can be truly engaging. For couples who are adventuresome and who look out for something new every time they step out from the hotel room, city side honeymoon shall fulfill your desire to discover. But also you can’t walk around the city in jumpers and sweats, because Hello! It’s your first honeymoon, and you need to dress well for memorable pictures at least.

What to wear?

For the Lady: Bodycon dresses, casual sneakers, comfortable pair of sandals/stilettos’, sling bags, clutches, long skirts, crop tops, formal midis.

For the Man: Shirts, pants, neck accessories, oxford shoes, a pair of tuxedo. (If you happen to crash into a ball party, if not even that, then maybe just for clicking some perfect snaps back-dropped by the Eiffel tower).

At the hills

At the hills_Wedding Affair

Especially for the couples who savor the arctic, altitudinal destinations are best to spend your honeymoon in the hills amidst the clouds. And so, you need to know the essentials that you’re going to need to make your hilly honeymoon undaunted.

What to wear?

For the climbers: Sport shoes, jumpers, tracksuits, puffy jackets, windcheater jackets, sunglasses, over coats and beanie caps.

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