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Horror Films
Georgia Vagim

The horror genre is easily the most diverse genre in all of film. Whereas action, humor, and drama are generally limited in their scope and tone, horror has the ability to cross over into any number of other stories. A truly terrifying movie can double as a sci-fi epic, or as a cerebral, psychological thriller, or even as a whodunnit murder mystery. The possibilities are nigh endless, and the genre has given us some of the greatest horror movies ever made. That being so, it can also be daunting to try and figure out what the essential entries in the genre actually are. There’s certainly no shortage of options out there. The only question is what classic horror movies you should dive into first, Wedding Affair brings to you some horror films that you can watch this weekend.


Ari Aster’s Hereditary did serious money at the box office in 2018 with its blend of genuinely superb jump scares, freaky folklore and disturbing family dynamics. Unsettling and unpredictable, Hereditary gives Toni Collette the material she deserves as matriarch Annie Graham in this rich but harrowing haunted house story that stays with you long after you leave the cinema. Do give this one a watch.

Rosemary’s Baby

Back in 1968, the idea of a Satan-centric horror movie was nearly unheard of. bdirected by Roman Polanski, kicked the door wide open for that particular subset of the genre, spawning a series of imitators in the ensuing years. The story follows a mother (Mia Farrow) who slowly discovers that her husband has made a deal with a Satanic cult to give away their child once it’s born. Things culminate in a shocking twist that had audiences reeling, but we won’t spoil the ending here in the interest of letting you be truly surprised and shocked.


Scared of sharks? Blame Steven Spielberg. More than 40 years after its release, Jaws still has an outsized impact on our fear of giant, man-eating great white sharks. Even today, conservation groups rightly complain that the film’s negative depiction of these ocean giants is making it harder to convince people that they need protection. Put that to one side, sharks aren’t horrid killing machines. Jaws is unquestionably one of the most influential horror films of all time. The music. The slow-build tension. And, when it appears, the ludicrously unconvincing monster shark. Do be careful while watching it around kids.

The Birds

Much like Jaws, The Birds preys on your simplest fears. Open water? Not for us, thanks. How about the very idea that the seemingly innocent feathery ones in your surroundings are actually using those tiny skulls to plot to murder you where you stand? Hard nope. If you haven’t seen it, to go further would be a spoiler. Where The Birds excels is in its gradual, lurking fear; its patience and looming dread. Plus, the genuine panic in Hedren’s eyes as very real birds were thrown in her direction is a truly terrifying sight to behold. Just stay safe in the knowledge that no one makes films quite like this anymore.


You’d be hard-pressed to find a horror movie that utilizes its soundtrack better than Dario Argento’s Suspiriaa film that in 1977 pioneered the craft of music feeding into the scares. As a director, Argento blazed the trail for the use of violence and gore in horror movies, beginning with this first entry in a trilogy that would later come to be known as “The Three Mothers”. Movies like Saw and Hostel owe much of their existence to Suspiriaa film that’s been memorialized in music and cinema repeatedly in the years since its release.

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