Host your Bridal Shower with These Lovely Themes  

bridal shower

Host your Bridal Shower: A bridal shower is a tradition that has been going on for centuries. It is hosted a few days before the wedding day. It makes the to-be-wed feel a little more special. So, if you are looking to host a shower for the bride-to-be but are out of ideas worry no more! Wedding Affair is here to help you with the latest bridal shower themes that you can consider in your planning.

We all know that we are living in the 21st century but vintage things have their own charm and grace. This theme is well-acknowledged because it has a rawness and chicness at the same time. Keep a theme for the costumes that women used to wear in ancient times but update them with your own unique ideas. For the bride, get her a costume that makes her stand out at the party from the rest.

Choose a venue that is polished and has a positive aura to it. Decorate the place with elements that complement the venue. A loud décor will not look very catchy. So, try keeping the shower decor elegant with the usage of minimum colours. Make the bride-to-be feel like a queen and give her memories to cherish forever.

A rustic theme always looks modish whether it is for a wedding or a birthday party. In this case, it is a bridal shower. From invitation cards to the shower venue plan everything that relates to the theme. A rustic theme gives real and calm vibes. Rustic elements are aesthetically pleasing.

You can host a cheery bridal shower you’re your to-be-wed so that she does not feel emotional or nervous for the wedding day. So, try keeping it light and happy. Involve a lot of colours and balloons. The colours will keep the aura of the event very jolly and bubbly. Keep the music playlist cool. You can also prepare some dance acts or some funny acts to keep the atmosphere happy and bright.

Usually, the bridal showers are hosted in the daytime. But you can host a shower in the evening time. An outdoor bridal shower will look very classy. If you have a garden then you can plan it and host it there under the natural light. Keep the décor a bit shiny and include lights and put them in an elegant manner on the trees. You can use chandeliers, too because they look pretty chic.  

Prepare a layout or a checklist so that it gets more feasible for you to do all the necessary arrangements for the shower. Your bride-to-be will feel very recognised and acknowledged if her close ones will host a bridal shower for her. You can plan activities for the shower so that it gets more interesting. Make her experience this event and give the memories that she can adore for a lifetime.