Host Your Unforgettable Wedding At The Royal Orchid


The wedding season is back! The only way to ace a wedding is by opting for the choicest venue. If only you manage to pick the right venue, you are halfway through to hosting a super amazing wedding. Opting for the ideal venue amongst a sea of venues is no less than an uphill task. Wedding Affair brings to you the perfect wedding venue that shall impress each and every wedding guest of yours. Royal Orchid & Regenta Hotels is one of the finest luxury hotels to host weddings or family functions. The brand is well-known for its ace hospitality. 

From orchestrating different kinds of layout for sitting arrangement to providing outdoor hosting opportunities, the chain of Royal Orchid hotels certainly is the best. The outdoor space of the hotel is ideal for hosting grand reception parties. Founded in 2001 by industry veteran Mr. Chander K Baljee, Royal Orchid & Regenta Hotels is a renowned and trusted brand with a growth plan to reach 100 hotels by 2022. when it comes to sojourns, there are various chains of hotels and boutique resorts that offer appealing stays and hospitality but there only a few that have, with time, mastered and redefined luxury in this realm and at the Royal Orchid & Regenta Hotels, they do exactly that. 

Be it a corporate trip or a leisurely vacation in the natural or historic mystics of the country or a big fat Indian wedding that you might have been planning for a long time now, the Royal Orchid & Regenta chain of hotels is there to cater all of the needs of the travellers across the Indian subcontinent. The chain of hotels makes sure that you experience the holiday that is out and out relaxing and rejuvenating. 

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