Hot and Trending Wedding Accessories for the Groom


Let’s take a moment to appreciate our men who manage to look flawless on their wedding days, with the minimum amount of effort and accessories to escalate their looks. We must agree that the maximum effort goes into planning the bride’s look. Today we shall shift our focus to the other half of the population and find out interesting ways to revise their entire look by adding not so basic, but impactful adornments to complete the “Look for the Groom.”

  • Sunglasses
The boy looking dapper in these shades.

Well, this had to be the first accessories for the men. Sunglasses are never out of fashion. You can sport one while making a lavish entry, or even during your Varmala session. Glares add a relaxed vibe to your look, while maintaining the authenticity of the wedding dress. Choose geometrical glasses, rather than regular aviators. 

  • Pearl Sehra
What a beautiful way to accentuate your sehra look.

Gone are the days of sehras made with plastic, or artificial material. Now is your time to shine grooms, with the right amount of sophistication. Pearl is high in fashion these days, and wearing a pearl sehra is one of the easiest and classic ways to enhance your wedding look.

  • Laridar Kalgi
An elegant combination multi-layered kalgi.

This trend used to be routine for Sikh grooms, but times are changing. Grooms who do not wish to wear a sehra and cover all of their faces, can opt for a turban accessory. Kalgi or a laridar kalgi is a piece of jewelry that adds a royal touch to your outfit. You can choose to wear a singular kalgi with a feather too, or a multi-layered kalgi on your head.

  • Necklace
Beautiful necklaces are making way in groom’s wardrobe.

One of the most accentuating wedding trends of all times. You must have spotted men donning a single or multi-layered neck piece over their sherwanis or suits. This helps you equate with your wife. If she can wear a necklace, then so can you!

  • Brooches
A great way to up your game is to invest in a double pin brooch.

Brooches are a great way to shift audience focus towards your chest. There are numerous types of wedding brooches available, that will add the oomph factor to your overall look. Pro tip – go for the one that covers a significant piece of your chest. This creates an illusion of a broader torso.

  • Gemstone Rings
Gemstone rings add a touch of royalty to your attire.

Take inspiration from Ranveer Singh (yes Thanos too), and fill in your treasure chest with multiple bold and colorful gemstone rings. Women love accessories on their men, and if that is on your wedding day, you are in for a treat. Come on grooms, flash your bijoux on your big day!

  • Hand Tied Pagris or Safa
Opt for a hand-tied pagri on your wedding day.

Ditch the pre-tied turbans and choose to wear a hand-tied crown. Nowadays, Bollywood actors too are preferring big and royal hand-tied pagris, also known as Safa. You can choose a pastel color for your day, or a deep hue for the night, as per your entire fit. For many grooms, safa serves to be the coolest way to get into the Maharaja feels.

  • Embroidered footwear
A co-ordinated footwear is such an impressed addition to your wedding look.

This is something new. Many men tend to choose simple, and classic formal wearing when it comes to their shoes. Here, we have an alternative for you. Rather hand pick a hand embroidered pair of juttis to pair up with your combination. The trick to make this your wedding outfit power move, is to coordinate your juttis with your brides heels.

We are eagerly waiting for our oh-so-stylish and soon-to-be married bachelor men to include the above accessories into their wedding trousseau and become the Man of the Day! Steal your bride’s thunder (no, not steal it steal it, but share it steal it), and rock ‘em pictures.