House plants to reduce humidity this summer


Summers are almost here and we all dreading humidity! Well, nature quite literally has answers to all your problems. You just have to know where to look! There are a few houseplants that actually help in reducing the humidity. And so, we’ve listed a few such plants below that you can have a look and maybe get them home too!

Boston Fern

If you’re someone who doesn’t know how to take care of your house plants, then this plant is the right one for you. Boston ferns are low maintenance and pretty hard to kill. All they need is a little sunlight and some moist soil and they’re good to go! They also help in reducing the humidity in your house and survive the summer.

house plants


One of the most beautiful plants to have in your house, orchids help beat the humidity as well! Apart from handling the heat, they also add a pop of colour which works best if you’re looking to amp up the elegance quotient of your space. Make sure to read up about how to take care of orchids though, before you bring them home. Watching a houseplant die is like the worst defeat!

The spider plants are great for people who’re new to houseplants and taking care of them. They’re super hard to kill, require the least amount of maintenance and are a great addition to homes. Apart from reducing the humidity, they can also remove almost 90% of harmful pollutants in the house.

house plants

Peace Lily

If you’re familiar with Peace Lillies, you know they need lots of water and sunlight. And apart from needing plenty of water, they still absorb a huge amount of humidity in the air. Which is exactly what we need! Also, they look super classy and aesthetic, just saying.

Tillandsia Moss

Tillandsia gets its necessary nutrients from the moisture in the air! All it needs is plenty of sunlight and watering twice or thrice a week to thrive. Everything else is taken care of by the moisture in the air. And so, this one’s a great addition to your home if you’re tired of dealing with humidity!

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