How and Why to Plan a Sustainable Wedding in India


Indian weddings are known for being extravagant and larger-than-life. But is it possible to have a sustainable wedding along with this grandeur?

Sustainable is not the first word one thinks of when it comes to Indian weddings. When you think of Indian weddings, you think of the vibrant decorations, glamorous outfits, lively celebrations, and grand feasts. If it’s a part of an Indian wedding, chances are it is large and vivid. But when it comes to sustainability, sometimes these week-long celebrations fall behind to create a positive impact on Mother Earth. There is an increasing voice around the world regarding sustainable and eco-friendly practices, and India is no different. Slowly and steadily the younger generation is becoming more aware of this situation and looking for more sustainable options for their wedding celebrations. 

There is a constant greenwashing going on in the name of sustainable practices; the words like ‘ethical’, ‘organic’, and ‘eco-friendly’ are being thrown around misleadingly. Knowing the difference between the real one and the pseudo ones is the first step to creating an actual positive impact on your big day and having a sustainable wedding without spoiling any fun. In recent years, actress Dia Mirza’s wedding caught a lot of attention with sustainability as its core theme.

Why a Sustainable Wedding?

The extravaganza of Indian weddings comes with a cost. No, we are not only talking about the amount of money you spend, we are talking about the amount of harm you are unknowingly causing to nature. First, the carbon footprint is huge for Indian weddings. The average wedding generates a shocking 180-270 kg of garbage.

By choosing a sustainable wedding you can support your local business, shops, and organic vendors. This doesn’t only reduce the carbon footprint but also gives your local economy a chance to grow. Moreover, with your big day, you can set a good example, showcasing your values and inspiring others to make more environmentally-conscious choices.

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Tips for Sustainable Wedding

There is a wrong idea of what is sustainable in our country, the word is often confused with being cheap. But having a sustainable wedding doesn’t mean compromising on any celebration. The eco-conscious millennials have more than one way to organise their wedding to be eco-friendly, enjoying their big days to the fullest without causing any ecological damage. Here are some tips for how to have a sustainable wedding in India-

  • A Sustainable Venue

    Take your saat phere amidst nature’s beauty. Go for a destination wedding in a green forest or a serene beach. This minimises the need for excessive decorations and reduces travel emissions. Also, choose a venue that does sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

  • Fresh Flowers for Decor


    What’s more beautiful than fresh blooms as our wedding decorations? Opt for seasonal flowers and cut down on excessive wedding decorations. Local vendors can provide you with the most fresh and natural floral decoration without causing a massive carbon footprint.

  • Sustainable Fashion

    Consider sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, handloom weaves, or ahimsa silk for wedding outfits to show your commitment to sustainability. You can look stunning with traditional handcrafted clothes on your wedding day.

  • Sustainable Wedding Favours

    In place of traditional gifts, you can choose sustainable wedding favours such as seed packets, plants, handcrafted local items, etc to create more awareness.

  • Waste Management

    Partner with vendors who use eco-friendly waste manageement and understand recycling and composting. Team up with NGOs to donate extra food to local food banks or shelters to spread some happiness.

  • No-waste Menu

Opt for local and seasonal delights for your sustainable Indian wedding food menu. Have live food counters to decrease the amount of waste for food ingredients. Be aware of your guest list and portion size before planning the menu. This way your wedding menu will be delicious and sustainable at the same time.

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  • Minimum Travel

    The lesser the transportation for your wedding, the lesser the carbon emissions. Encourage carpooling, and opt for local vendors to minimise travelling.

    The grandeur of our weddings is undeniable, but does it have to come at the cost of our beautiful planet? Because sustainable Indian weddings are grand and luxurious too. Let’s celebrate our special days with a whole lot of hearts, love, and sustainability.