How Can Secrets Destroy A Relationship?


Secrets have a way of tearing loved ones apart. As adolescents, it was okay keeping some secrets because most were considered infantile and inoffensive. But, keeping confidential information in a relationship, however unimportant or insignificant, can despoil it irrevocably. There are few reasons discussed below, that how keeping secrets in a loving relationship is not a great idea:



Ever had a song fastened in your head, and it keeps playing in a never-ending loop? Although you love the song, you can’t keep paying attention to it all day long. A secret in a relationship is just an ascending form of such a song. Every little thing will keep emphasizing you of it, and before you care to accept, it will engulf your life. You will always be in either a state of anxiety and indiscretion or in abhorrence that your partner may find out about it.

Soon enough, the mental rigidity of dealing with the guilt of keeping a secret will overwhelm you, changing your frame of mind and comportment. To make matters worse, your partner will push you to share whatever it is that’s bothering you, out of involvement. And you will end up feeling remorseful. You don’t know it, but nervousness has a way of variously stirring your health. So while you are already doomed by your relationship, you will also lose your well-being. Is this your secret’s worthiness?

Inadequate Communication

Communication is an indispensable part of any relationship, and thus an important integrant of a fortunate relationship. And a secret, in the real world, is the clear-cut contradictory of good communication. While keeping secrets in a relationship, you will decidedly try to obviate talking or discussing anything that you suspect of bringing you in the surroundings of your lie.

Suspicion on Partner

You have been safekeeping a few secrets in your relationship, and quite strongly too. Your partner has precisely no intimidation about what you are up to. And a thought bounces into your brainpower – does your companion too has a secret? Is there existent that they are keeping from you? The paranoia glides in. The more untrustworthy you become with your companion, the more you start dooming your positiveness in them. The postulation that they are probably double-crossing to you too makes you feel commendable to have your own secrets. And this goes on, until you have either come out of the protestation or worse, you have disoriented your partner.

Therefore, one single lie can make your partner think that if you can keep one, you might be keeping more. It will make them problematic to trust you and question your impulsion in the relationship. Your partner is entitled to every bit of information that might affect their emotional involvement and change the course of your relationship.

While trust is a prerequisite component of an intimate relationship, it can be easily smashed and hard to rehabilitate. When your partner withholds exceptional information from you regardless of their lucidity, it’s normal to feel deceived.