How can you deal with a toxic partner


Being around toxic people can get exhausting. You’ll feel that your efforts and energy are being drained in their presence. A lot of times, we may not even be able to recognise a toxic person, and hence, dealing with them becomes even more difficult. So, the first step to dealing with a toxic person is to recognise them. Once you’ve identified them, you need to know how to deal with them in the right way. Scroll down to check out the 3 steps in dealing with a toxic person.

toxicClaim Control

While you may not have the power to control their words and actions, you surely have the power to control yours. Toxic people tend to be manipulative and that’s how they start gaining control over things. But you can put a stop to it by claiming control over yourself and not letting them take that away from you. Choose your words carefully around them, do not give them important information. Because toxic people tend to later use that information against you when the time is right for them. While interacting with them, keep it short and to the point. And don’t forget the golden rule—every time a person crosses the line with you, you move the person and not the line.

Stay Calm

Toxic people usually are not great criticism takers in general. And so, even though you express your feeling with the best interest at heart for them, it could end up in them flipping out if they find it as criticism. To avoid landing up in a situation like this, think thoroughly about what you say and what you really want. If a particular matter really needs your attention and you think fighting for it is important, then go for it. If not, then its better to just stay calm and cool down the situation. Be aware of your tone and stay away from getting into unnecessary arguments and fights with them.

toxicMaintain Your Distance

Limit your interaction with them. They cannot hurt you if you don’t allow them to be around you that much. Toxic people can never be pleased no matter how hard you try. And they will go an extra mile to drag you down and make you feel crazy with their irrational behaviour. And so, the easiest way is to maintain your distance with them. Steer clear from involving yourself in any of their dramas. It might not be possible to detach yourself completely from them, but keeping them at a distance so they don’t have the power to hurt you anymore is surely possible.

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