How does Yoga impact your skin?!


Yoga is associated with many things and during this pandemic, it’s safe to say that we’re finally starting to appreciate yoga. Yoga has many benefits which make you healthy in every way imaginable. Some of you don’t know that yoga can be responsible for glowing skin as well. So let’s get cracking with these poses

Mountain pose 

The mountain pose comes to mind straight away as it improves the oxygen flow in your body and takes the toxins away. It is also known as the tadasana in Indian culture. It is a pose that focuses on controlling your breathing which takes away stress. The deep inhale and exhale during this pose can give you glowing skin as a result. Controlling your breathing plays a huge part in giving you clear skin. 

Standing forward fold 

This pose is exactly how it sounds and it’s the same thing that you’re imagining in your mind. This pose pushes you to stretch your body and is one of the best poses for increasing your oxygen supply to your skin cells which results in radiant skin. The blood rushes to your head in this exercise as your upside down which can cause an anti-aging effect on your skin. 

Cobra pose

The main function of yoga is to give you a peaceful mind and a life without stress as it can cause many problems in your life. This is especially true in the case of your skin. If you have calm and peaceful lifestyle chances are you’ll have better skin as stress takes a huge toll on your skin. This is the pose for reducing stress, tension, and anxiety from your life which also helps your skin in a big way. This pose will keep your skin young for years to come.


Fish pose 

People are always spending a whole lot of money on products for their faces and skin. Well, this pose can save you a lot of money if you’re regular as it improves your skin and also helps in getting rid of your double chin. This pose stretches your throat and face muscles which improves your breathing and gives you better skin. 

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