How To Ace Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

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Pre-wedding shoots have become very trendy in Indian wedding scenario in recent years. They have become as important as the wedding functions themselves. Not only does it make the couple comfortable in front of the camera, but also with the wedding photographer. In turn, even the pre-wedding photographer gets to set an equation with the bride and groom and find out the best angles for those perfect shots. The couple gets the chance to ignite their chemistry in between the hustle-bustle of wedding preparations and live out their dreams in a fun, romantic and informal manner.

Wedding Affair brings you ideas that are a sure-shot to make your pre-wedding shoot once in a lifetime memory that you will cherish forever.

  1. Pets for Life

To all animal lovers out there, what could be a better idea than making your pet a part of your wedding celebrations? Include your pet, be it a dog or a cat, in your pre-wedding shoot. S/he has seen you and been there with you all through your life, then why not make him a part of your big day in one way or another. He is sure to increase the cuteness level in the pictures by ten folds with his innocent eyes and sweet face. 


2. Get your Besties to Tag along

Ditch those conventional pre-wedding shoots of the couple alone. Invite your best friends and take them along with you. The wing woman and the wingman definitely deserve that special, extra attention and it is certainly going to be double the fun with your friends around to be a part of the shoot. 


3. Quirky props

A little craziness never hurts anyone. Think out of the box and let those quirky props add drama to your pre-wedding shoot. Use heart-shaped umbrellas for that cheesy, cute shot or add a dash of colour with those colourful colour bombs. Use some off-beat and maybe some kinky placards in the shoot. Balloons, dupattas also make for great props. 

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4. Light up the Night 

The night light gives some of the best shots for a pre-wedding shoot. It leaves enough room for experimentation with some of the best props like lights. For that perfect, dreamy shoot, use fireworks, or lanterns. They work as great props and help in enhancing the photos. You can also opt for fairy lights, just play around with them and rest, let the photographer use his magic. 


5. Theme-based Photoshoot

To make it more personalised, take a theme and work the photoshoot around it. Use the destination to your advantage. The couple’s favourite television show, their most memorable movie, or even their favourite song make for a good pre-wedding photoshoot theme. Ask your photographer for more ideas to incorporate the theme beautifully in the photoshoot. 

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